Hospital Bag – ready?

Hospital Bag – ready?

When I was pregnant with Daniel,, I hadn’t really thought about packing a hospital bag. My plan, from day one, was to have him at home. I wanted the birth at home for lots of reasons, but at 36+2 I developed pre eclampsia and spent the time from then until just after his birth in hospital.

Prior to being admitted, I had thrown some things into a bag, thinking that as the baby would be born downstairs I could have clothes and nappies to hand to dress the baby etc, so I was at least part prepared. However when my husband came to dress our newborn it emerged that I had, somehow, forgotton to put in a hat. The midwife was surprised and quickly rushed out to find a hat for him. It it one of the most vivid memories post birth – the look of shock that I had somehow not packed the poor child a hat!!

Bags packed and ready....
Bags packed and ready….

So….this time around I want to be more organised and with that in mind, this time I have packed my hospital bags. They have been packed for a while now, since at least 28 weeks (when I had the first of two growth scans). I have two bags, one with my things in, and one with things for the baby….. Mine is the blue bag and the baby’s is the red case.

Having done this once before I know what to pack, my bag this time contains:DSC_0575

  •  Towel for a shower, fresh clothes and underwear – must be comfy and baggy with a nursing friendly top!
  • Nursing bra, nursing pads and Lansinoh cream (although I barely used this last time)
  • Maternity pads (I plan to switch to washable CSP once I am home)
  • hairbrush and hair ties
  • scent free deodrant, lipbalm and shampoo.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – need to buy these this weekend



I also have bottles of isotonic style drinks ready to throw in and will be picking up some chocolate bars and other such things in due course. Again another vivid memory is post birth my husband being exhausted – he had been working late then was arranging for some stuff to be collected from our house before he got a phone call from me to come to the hospital. Everything happened overnight and so he hadn’t eaten properly. Adrenalin and looking after me had got him through but shortly after Daniel arrived he needed a sugar hit, provided by a bar of galaxy lurking in the bottom of a bag of goodies my mother in law had brought when visiting earlier in the week!


Once Daniel and I were settled back on the ward he went to the Sainsburys over the road for breakfast and to pick up some food for me – I remember being very hungry some hours after the birth but long before lunch came round. If the delivery is overnight again then we are both going to need a sugar hit at some point I am sure.


For the baby I have packed:DSC_0572

  • two sets of clothes – one tiny baby and one newborn – I very much doubt s/he will be in tiny baby size unless it’s another early arrival but it doesn’t hurt to have the two sizes to hand
  • Newborn nappies and nappy bags – once the baby reaches 8 – 9 lbs then s/he will be moving into our tots bots nappies
  • Cotton wool – for nappy changes, we will switch to cheeky wipes when we are home.
  • hats – and lots of them! There are five hats in there this time… all different sizes and including the ones I knitted some time ago

We also have my husbands camera to hand – he got some amazing pictures of Daniel soon after his birth and a couple that really capture the moment so the camera is a must, it will be fully charged and the memory card cleared.


As this baby is being born relatively close to Daniel, we intend to re-use a lot of Daniel’s clothes, however we have bought the baby a new outfit and it’s own blanket….



The only other thing to do is fit the isofix base in for the baby seat and wait for the baby…. not long at all now.

Is there anything I have missed that you had or have in your hospital bag?


Let me know your thoughts with a comment below

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