Home Plans for 2019

Home Plans for 2019

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I’ve written a little already about my plans for the children’s education focuses this year, as well as some of my personal fitness plans. I haven’t yet, much to Damian’s delight I am sure, written anything about our home plans.

If truth be told, I’d love to be writing a post about building a big extension to the house or moving to another property, but we’re not in a position to do those things at the moment. Instead, we will settle for some decorating and sprucing up of a few rooms.

The Upstairs

I’m keen to get our bedroom repainted soon – something quite neutral and fresh looking. We can then change the curtains as well as get some new bedding. The furniture in our room is all fine, and it’s probably one of the smaller jobs we have to do this year.

The children’s bedrooms are OK, although we will at some stage have to get a new bed for Emma as she will move into what is currently Harry’s room and he’ll take her spot in the other room with Daniel. We might give the room a repaint at that stage, but we will see. We haven’t really looked too much at beds yet, but are thinking we might get something like a mid sleeper style bed to maximise the space in the room.

Finally, the bathroom. Our bathroom is dated and in need of an overhaul, but again, it’s not something we want to do at the moment. We need to do some general things like re-seal the bath and we will possibly change the flooring this year and re-do the bath panel. I’ve suggested to Damian we could change the sink unit to a more modern one but he’s being a bit evasive on that one at the moment!

The Downstairs

Last year we did the dining room and this year I’d really like us to repaint the living room. I’m not too sure what colours to go for this time around, but again something that feels bright and fresh. We can then get some new throws and cushions and explore the costs of new sofas too.

We need to do some work in the hallway – it’s very tired looking and ideally needs replastering as well as new skirting boards, lighting and new flooring. At the moment we have spotlights in the first half of the hallway and I don’t like them. I’m not sure what we’d replace them with but they’re not very effective. We also need to replace the flooring. The current laminate flooring is very tired looking and is much darker than I would choose myself (it was installed by the previous owners). I’ve been taking a look at Lifestyle Flooring UK at their flooring, as we need something quite hard wearing in there as it does get a lot of traffic. We have QuickStep laminate in our living room and I really like the quality of it; it’s lasted well and I’d be tempted to use that in the hallway and dining room too.

Finally the kitchen – this is in need of a repaint as well as new flooring and a new blind. It will help freshen the room up a little as it’s in need of replacing really, but until we decide what we are doing longer term there’s little point spending the money on it.


I’d ideally like to have our bedroom painted by the end of February – it’s a straight forward job in terms of there’s nothing to do other than paint and choose new curtains. The bathroom as well as an easyish job so I’d like to think we could get through much of the upstairs jobs in the first half of the year.

The downstairs is a longer job and one that requires a bit more planning as it puts rooms and regular spaces out of use for a short time. I think I’ll get Damian on board with the work upstairs first before we set some deadlines for the downstairs.


Do you have home plans this year?



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