Home Education in October

Home Education in October

I am a little late posting up our Home Ed review for October – I completely forgot about it if I’m honest, which I think is a sign that I feel more confident in what we are doing and not feeling the need to account for what we are doing and how. Of course, I still keep a log of what we do as it helps me spot patterns and the such.

Anyhow, October was a super busy month. We have almost completed the first book from the Sassafras science programs – I’ve written about this in the past here. I like this and it’s worked well for us so far – we have only two more chapters to go and I am sure we will finish it during November.

English work

I’ve been doing a lot of work on English with both Daniel and Emma. With Daniel I have been working on comprehension work – we use a variety of workbooks that I have picked up in discount shops or online. At the moment he is enjoying the Letts ones which feature a magician and the children earn stars. He’s really good at English stuff and it’s a challenge at times finding things that are appropriate for him but also provide a challenge. I like the workbooks as it shows up gaps in the sorts of things we have and haven’t covered so gives me ideas for what to move to next with him. With Emma, I am concentrating on helping her learn to read. We are using the Good and the Beautiful language arts as a guide for us. It’s really working for her at the moment.

We have also been doing a weekly poetry reading and choosing our favourite poems and illustrating them. We are all really enjoying this and I think this will certainly continue on in the winter months. We, of course, this month also got to the Children’s Bookshow which was a fantastic way to spend the morning. There’s also been plenty of library visits and reading which has been lovely.

Social Things

October also saw us host a meet up for friends and the children gain their first WWF badges, as well as move on to their second projects – Snowy Owls for Emma and Ladybirds for Daniel. The aim is to complete this more over the coming fortnight ahead of their presentations at the end of the month. October also saw plenty of play dates with friends, a visit to Clitheroe Castle as well as a visit to a local church.

We have been to lego clubs, autumn walks had swimming lessons, gymnastics lessons and played lots of football. They’ve carved pumpkins with my parents and I’ve lost count of the number of board games we have played. There’s been lego building and bike riding and lots of imaginative play.

There have been Spanish lessons that they’re both really enjoying and settling into well and we have been working hard on handwriting practice – trying to correct letter formation. Daniel often takes himself off to draw or write and it’s lovely seeing that more creative side of him come to life.


One thing that we are really struggling on is Maths. Daniel really is quite resistant to anything maths based so we are now taking things back to basics and starting again. I need to find a more play-based method I think, but he can also be a bit resistant to games so I’m struggling a bit. The Maths No Problem books are working well for Emma at the moment, so she will continue with that programme, and I’m trying something a little different for Daniel. Any recommendations please let me know!

October was a really fun and busy month and I’m looking forward to November!


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