Home Education in February

Home Education in February

Another month has passed us by and I think February felt fairly productive.

We started the month with our speaking and listening group presentation and this one was all about dinosaurs. Daniel then helped out at a local coffee morning to raise money for his Beavers group. He had a great time and it’s lovely to see him growing in confidence at things like this.

We have been really getting back into the flow with the formal work this last month; really working on Maths and English. I am going to write a longer post about the maths things I have found useful with both the older children. They definitely learn differently! We are progressing through the Maths no Problem books again now, after a short break with Daniel. Emma has almost finished the first book and I am sure by the end of March will be on her way with the second book, unless I think we need to step back and consolidate some of the work we have completed.  Daniel is on his way again with the second book after a brief stop to really work on his understanding of some key concepts. Things seems to have clicked much more for him recently and I notice he can quite quickly work sums out much better now than he was a few months back.

We started our continents project in February. So far we have completed a lapbook about the different continents (I’ve shared the detail of this here) and anotehr that focussed on Europe. We are now part way through looking at Africa and I think this will take up quite a bit of time as they want to look at Senegla, Egypt and the Sahara. I also want to cover a bit about Zimbabwe with them as my brother is marrying soon and his financee is Zimbabwean so it will be good for the children to learn a little more Zimbabwe.

We completed the Geo Journey subscription box in February, a monthly package the children have really enjoyed over the last twelve months. We also learn about skinks following a comprehension task that Daniel was doing which then saw us learn a little more about Australian animals and other lizards like the skink.

We have played with friends at the park, making the most of the unseasonably warm weather, paid numerous visits to the library and baked plenty of cakes. We have observed and marked Chinese New Year and been to Liverpool to the World Museum with friends. We have played endless board games including some of the new ones that Emma got for her birthday this month. We have continued to enjoy sharing poetry and took our favourite poems to special poetry tea time at a friends house.

The children still enjoy playing Skoolbo and Harry is joining in playing some letter games on my ipad, much to his delight.

March will see us really concentrate on building Emma’s confidence up with reading, working on maths regularly and starting a spring project and our literature fair project for April. We are also going to be working towards the CREST award which I am really looking forward to doing.


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