Great Adventure #1

I’m a big fan of Fiona Peacock’s blog (see here) and loved her post about the Great Adventure.

I’m keen for my little man to grow up with a sense of the outdoors, knowing about nature, the importance of looking after our green lands, the animals and understanding how nature is linked together. I want him to understand and appreciate the seasons. So, it was with great delight that Daniel and I donned our sun hats and set of for our own Great Adventure this week.

At seven months old, Daniel isn’t up for toddling around too much at the moment, but there are things he can do. He can touch the grass and leaves, and just get used to the smells of the great outdoors. So, on Monday afternoon we tootled off to our local park. Our back garden at the moment isn’t turfed, so Daniel has yet to feel the grass under his little feet. However, we stopped and sat for a while amongst a small patch of daisies, and he really enjoyed the feel of the grass and trying to pull the daisies – and spent an awful lot of time taking his sun hat off!!

The weather in my part of the world has been glorious this week, and so it has been easy to get to the park each day. However I’m keen for him to be out in the rain etc, and in fact we often go out in the less pleasant weather – having taken a walk around country parks in the snow and rain!

My next step I think is to invest in a new carrier for Daniel – I currently use a Moby Wrap and a pushchair, but I want to take him off the beaten track (when my husband is around) so I need to do that with a carrier… so watch this space.

My plan is to, at least once a week, document our little trips out to the great outdoors – I do hope you’ll join us.

If you feel inspired to take part in Fiona’s Great Adventure – why not link up to the blog posts?


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