Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

This Christmas the children have been very lucky and received some lovely gifts from family. Damian and I always make sure the children give thanks and we think it is important that they take a bit of time to send a small thank you card.

Damian and I are always keen to say thank you, whether it is for a gift or for someone giving help, or their time. It is also a good thing to sit and reflect on just all those many things we have to be thankful for – it’s very easy to get caught up in the take take take lifestyle where things are handed to you without question. The children don’t yet understand the concept of money, and that we work to earn money, nor the time and effort that goes into giving a gift.

At the moment the children very much like to share their drawings and pictures, or in the summer months they’ll pic small daisy’s and dandelions for me or others. I try to keep as many of the drawings and pictures, and certainly all the cards they have made me. It’s lovely to see they’ve invested a little time and thought into making something to share with me.

I was thrilled to receive a copy of a lovely book called Giving Thanks: More than 100 ways to say thank you. It’s a superb book that helps children to think about just how many things they have to be thankful for.

giving thanks book

It’s difficult to help children understand just how lucky they are – in a year when we have seen the terrible refuge crises in Syria (to name just one conflict), seen growing numbers of families accessing Food Banks and faced with the shocking reality of rising levels of homelessness and children who faced Christmas in emergency accommodation I am keen for the children to recognise just how fortunate they are. The Giving Thanks book follows Andy who thinks of all the people he has to thank, and all the reasons why. It is nice to see Andy thinks about things other than materials gifts, but things like playing games with him, making his dinner, taking turns to play in the park, or making them better. Andy then thinks about what he would like to do for each of these people; these ideas range from making them breakfast, writing a thank-you card to sharing memories.

giving thanks book

I love how it guides the reader to think about the people they are thankful for, as well as inviting them to think about what they would do for each person, as well as, rather sweetly, think about how they would spend an afternoon with each person.  It also includes a lovely idea at the end to create a gratitude jar (which is something I did a few years ago).

This really is such a lovely book and it’s a great one to read with children to help them appreciate the many people around them.

giving thanks book

I am thrilled to be able to offer one lucky reader of my blog the chance to win a copy of this book. To be in with a chance to win, complete the rafflecopter below.

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  1. Rachel Craig
    29th December 2016 / 22:47

    Great book. Relevant for today’s children, as manners etc were expected and exemplary generations ago. Whereas nowadays there is so much pressure etc many have become self centred, anxious etc.

    A kinder, closer Community is essential to be humane, productive and thriving, happy, healthy individuals, families, groups etc. As we are Social beings, need good company as well as resources (some resources may be limited, but some resources have limited lifespan :- use or lose). Reciprocation, Respect etc are topics which need to be addressed. Self worth and Self Respect are elements which should be discussed and reviewed as children age, as beneficial to necessary for a healthy adult life.

  2. Rachel Craig
    30th December 2016 / 17:04

    I think it is a Wonderful book. Would be nice if the range is expanded to include :- Appropriate Social Interaction etc. As seems that many nowadays may go for numbers / popularity. Rather than the Quality of our Relationships. Some friendships can be Bonds for life in which support if available through thick and thin, lasts through distance etc.

    It is Worthwhile to know and understand our interactions and how they can impact on others. Previous generations were encouraged to look out / look after others, to consider others etc. This seems to no longer be the situation. Seems most look out for themselves which can lead to Isolation for some. I would love to see and hear of Considerate and Caring Grandchildren. As in the past this occurred, as well as children visiting Aunts, Uncles etc. whereas the focus now seems to be on individuals gaining materialistically, getting good job with good income etc. In the past we shared our lives, food, experiences, social lives etc. Many tell me of younger years when family would entertain the household by taking turns singing songs, telling jokes etc.

  3. 5th January 2017 / 09:57

    This looks and sounds lovely and thank you for the reminder about the gratitude jar. I want to do one this year but had forgotten all about it!


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