Geomags Mechanics Gravity Shoot & Catch : Review

Geomags Mechanics Gravity Shoot & Catch : Review

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Last month Damian and I made sure to have a bit of 1-1 time with the older children – Damian and Daniel headed off for a cafe trip one morning, and the next day I took Emma to the town centre to choose a gift for her brother’s birthday as well as a treat in a cafe.

Whilst the boys were at home, Harry had a nap so Damian and Daniel set about building a new GeoMags Gravity set that we had been sent. This set is aimed at 8+ and I think that’s a reasonably accurate age range for this. Daniel was able to do it with Damian’s assistance and certainly enjoyed watching the metal balls travel around.

geomags mechanics

The set comes with various pieces (some 200+ pieces in fact) and a good set of instructions to help you to build it all up. Building the GeoMags set is intricate in places and it’s best done on a clear, flat surface (the boys used the dining room table). It does take a little time to piece it all together but when it’s done it’s certainly impressive. I think that it is best to put it together without too much distraction as some of the plastic pieces can be quite fiddly to fit together – there’s definitely a knack to it.

The kits contains 11 magnetic rods, 36 steel spheres and 196 plastic mechanical elements – some of these are small so we are always really careful to keep these sets away from Harry – whilst he doesn’t mouth too much there steel balls represent too much of a choking risk for him at the moment, so this is definitely a set for older children.

geomags mechanics

What we liked about the set

What I like about the Geomags set is that the instructions are clear enough to follow, although there are some bits that are tricky to put together and do require concentration. As you build it up you can see the structure coming together nicely. Daniel did get a little impatient at times, and some of the pieces he struggled fitting together, so Damian helped him with those. However, once it was built and Emma and I came home he was keen to show us what they’d been working on. As I’ve noted before, it is definitely a set that slightly older children will get more benefit from, but younger children will certainly be able to manage it was assistance.

The Geomags sets are always good for exploring STEM ideas with children, and this one uses some ideas children will have learnt (or will learn) – in this instance gravity and magnets. The set, when built and working is very clever in how it shoots the balls around. Daniel isn’t yet at a point where he can articulate what the gears and various magnets are doing and why they are doing it, but he likes experimenting and playing with it, and the understanding will come, in time.

geomags mechanics

Items like this that encourage play and are hands-on are always great ways to engage children in STEM work – it’s hard to teach such ‘big’ ideas and concepts to them at times, but seeing science in action through STEM toys such as GeoMags is perfect for sparking curiosity.

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  1. Ailsa
    30th October 2018 / 20:28

    We love STEM toys here. Geo mags are great, obviously Lego and we are really into k’nex at the moment 🙂

  2. Claire Nutman
    30th October 2018 / 21:30

    We havent really had much experience with stem design toys…………you have me quite interested now, many thanks

  3. Sean eccles
    30th October 2018 / 22:23

    My daughter loves science kits and making slime too

  4. Margaret Gallagher
    30th October 2018 / 22:31

    Any science related activities are a favourite if ours

  5. Katie B
    30th October 2018 / 23:41

    We love science, with the other half being a scientist we can usually come up with some cool things!

  6. Liz Slade
    31st October 2018 / 06:54

    Geomags, Magformers and Lego

  7. S Edwards
    31st October 2018 / 06:54

    My boys love anything to do with science related activities

  8. Jo McPherson
    31st October 2018 / 07:23

    Building blocks etc are a favourite

  9. Amy Bondoc
    31st October 2018 / 07:29

    My daughter loves science kits like building volcano

  10. Anthony Harrington
    31st October 2018 / 16:21

    Lego and building projects appeal to my little Grandson

  11. adeinne Tonner
    31st October 2018 / 17:03

    It has to be slime and building volcano’s they really enjoy

  12. Jean Cassell
    31st October 2018 / 17:13

    We like Lego and doing experiments such as making a volcano

  13. Andrea Upton
    31st October 2018 / 19:48

    They have an Ozobot which is really cool and good for learning coding

  14. Stephanie Coals
    31st October 2018 / 21:25

    Definitely science kits are a favourite in our house

  15. Solange
    1st November 2018 / 01:17

    We love the Geomag Mechanics Gravity Catch and Shoot System and the Geomag Magicube.

  16. Rich Tyler
    1st November 2018 / 13:43

    Has to be Lego! timeless, so many choices!

  17. Justine Meyer
    3rd November 2018 / 15:39

    That would be any lego kits

  18. Rebecca Cusick
    4th November 2018 / 20:32

    Definitely Lego. My boys are obsessed x

  19. Rebecca Mercer
    5th November 2018 / 12:48

    Definitely Lego

  20. Angela Sharp
    5th November 2018 / 20:54

    I have never seen these toys before but I’m certain my kids would love them

  21. Victoria Sparrow
    6th November 2018 / 11:36

    My son’s home ed and we use loads of STEM kits. I think his favourite is a Tech Will Save Us dough kit

  22. Sally Collingwood
    7th November 2018 / 11:27

    Anything to do with building, lego, scalectric.

  23. Lorna Ledger
    7th November 2018 / 15:54

    My Nephew has a Microscope which is very cool, he looks at EVERYTHING under it 😉

  24. 7th November 2018 / 21:11

    would love for Ava to try

  25. Karen Barrett
    9th November 2018 / 07:33

    Making slime and glittery playdoh

  26. Kim Neville
    9th November 2018 / 14:53

    Playing with lego and marble run

  27. Hazel Rush
    9th November 2018 / 21:45

    Mine love the little tikes fountain factory water table although now the weathers turned it’s packed away for winter!

  28. ellie spider
    10th November 2018 / 01:09

    lego – H loves designing monsters and cities

  29. 10th November 2018 / 14:00

    At the moment I can’t think of any toys that qualify. She does love Duplo though, which is quite close.

  30. Amy Denney
    10th November 2018 / 17:54

    My children love making slime and experiment things. Thank you for this chance.

  31. Faye Reed
    10th November 2018 / 19:29

    My daughters love making slime

  32. sandy
    10th November 2018 / 21:53

    he has a set for making electric circuits. The one that plays happy birthday is a big hit, as is the one where you set the fan upside down and the blade takes off like a helicopter 🙂

  33. Laura Pyper
    10th November 2018 / 22:10

    lego and knex at the moment

  34. 11th November 2018 / 00:11

    Lego is the obvious choice, my children love to create with it

  35. Michaela Turner
    11th November 2018 / 06:13

    Lego and Playmobil are firm favourites in our house

  36. Claire Davey
    11th November 2018 / 08:54

    my son loves anything that involves taking apart and building

  37. paula cheadle
    11th November 2018 / 14:47

    it has to be slime, my granddaughter loves it

  38. Catherine Gregory
    11th November 2018 / 17:07

    My little boy has just started to learn to build with mega Bloks and stickle bricks. He’s just turned 1 and he loves already seeing how things work and are put together

  39. Deanie Gillies
    11th November 2018 / 18:15

    I have little scientist who loves experiments … so is currently enjoying science kits alone with Lego and K’Nex

  40. lorraine kirk
    11th November 2018 / 18:54

    My son loves playing with Lego but I would like to introduce him to other educational toys

  41. Sarah Parker
    11th November 2018 / 19:29

    my daughter loves making bath bombs and beauty products 🙂

  42. Natalie Crossan
    11th November 2018 / 19:36

    Geomags, Magformers and Lego

  43. Diana
    11th November 2018 / 20:37

    My daughter loves Geomags 🙂

  44. Pauline Burroughs
    11th November 2018 / 20:39

    My grandson loves his LeapFrog Count Along Till

  45. Kristin Burdsall
    11th November 2018 / 20:53

    My daughter had a crystal growing kit for her birthday and loves it! So far we have 2 crystals on the go and when we have made them all the kit comes with a little display stand. She cant wait to show them off!

  46. Gillian McClelland
    11th November 2018 / 21:15

    The K’NEX STEM Explorations Roller Coaster Building Set is a firm favourite

  47. Sarah Roberts
    11th November 2018 / 21:24

    My grandaughters love the science labs and slime!

  48. Steph
    11th November 2018 / 22:07

    Any experiements / science toys

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