Playing Mr. Postman

Playing Mr. Postman

It’s the old saying that kids will find much much fun with a cardboard box rather than the many other toys they have!

Daniel loves to post letters for me and get the post from our own letterbox. I recently had the idea of making him a postbox. My parents have made one for him and it’s been a brilliant success so at the weekend we got out our postbox.

He loves it, but does get a bit shouty at Emma if she tries to join in! It is basically an empty wine box I’ve covered in red paper with a post slot cut out in the front and a bit cut out in the back (to retrieve the post from!). I have got some old envelopes and he loves posting these in. We will be extending this to group together things, so for example the blue envelopes, the envelopes with triangles on them etc. There is so much learning that we can do with this simple activity.

As both Daniel and Emma get older I plan to have a ‘sorting office’ where we can stamp letters and deliver them (so a range of postboxes made up with different pictures on them) so things like the envelopes with a D on to daddy, the M to mummy or the number 1 to box 1 etc. I hope it aids early literacy and numeracy whilst they simply enjoy themselves.

Postbox made from a cardboard box

It is such a simple, fun game that has already brought hours of fun to Daniel.


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  1. 7th January 2015 / 09:43

    It’s kept Daniel entertained for hours, and Emma when Daniel lets her join in x

  2. 7th January 2015 / 14:45

    Such a simple idea but the sort of things all kids would love! x

  3. 7th January 2015 / 21:53

    Looks and sounds fun! Something I think I will do with Molly

  4. Carie
    8th January 2015 / 08:33

    Oh that looks like so much fun – they’ve got a post box at Kitty’s nursery and she loves playing post!

  5. 8th January 2015 / 22:13

    Great letterbox, they’ll have hours of fun playing with that.

    • 9th January 2015 / 21:12

      it’s been used EVERY day so far x

  6. 9th January 2015 / 17:18

    My 2 love our toy postbox too, the only problem is they now like posting random objects through our letterbox we find all sorts outside the front door!

    • 9th January 2015 / 21:09

      eeek, will have to watch out for that!!

  7. 11th January 2015 / 08:38

    What a fab idea! I bet my little one would love this! #SundaysStars

  8. 11th January 2015 / 08:50

    Fab, my girls wer actually bought a post box game for Christmas and spend all day stamping and posting letters. they love it. #sundaystars

  9. 11th January 2015 / 16:32

    I love these sorts of games which are so simple but provide so much fun! I’ll be trying this one as used to love the toy Post Office I had when i was little and think my boys will love getting involved too.

  10. 13th January 2015 / 09:03

    This is such a great idea, this would be great at helping my Archie with his developmental delay

  11. 13th January 2015 / 09:42

    This is fab. I love that his grandparents blog 🙂 Your ideas for extending it to develop literacy and numeracy skills are great too. Thanks for linking up to #playathometuesdays.

  12. 13th January 2015 / 09:59

    ooooh I loved my petite post office when I was little so I can completely see how this will appeal from young to older children, I’m certainly going to be setting up a post office for T in the future!

    Thanks so much for linking up! Leandra & Becky #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  13. 13th January 2015 / 11:10

    I had a post office when I was little and loved it. I will try this for my girls #letkidsbekids

  14. 13th January 2015 / 11:52

    Lovely fun basic play. Simple things are often the best and there is so much more you can do with it as he gets older.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsbeKids

  15. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)
    13th January 2015 / 15:07

    There really is so much fun you can have with a cardboard box!! Monkey has always loved posting things and I’ve just discovered he has turned one of the drawers in his toy area into his “post office” bless him! Love your ideas for helping with literacy and numeracy! Xx

  16. 13th January 2015 / 17:42

    Doesn’t this look fun! This is going on my activity to do list. Alex xx

  17. 13th January 2015 / 19:57

    I love this and know my little ones would play with this for ages…now to save a cardboard box 🙂 #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  18. 14th January 2015 / 19:05

    I LOVE this idea, one we will defiantly be testing out very soon. Thanks for sharing xx

  19. 15th January 2015 / 09:36

    Great idea! Amelia loves posting things so might have to give this one a go. Also love the idea of making it harder with the letters and choosing which post box to put it in as they get older. #playathometuesdays x

  20. 16th January 2015 / 20:33

    This is such a brilliant but simple idea. It is great that this can be adapted as they get older and can help aid their development in so many ways. Genius. Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

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