FourFit Health Band Review

FourFit Health Band Review

If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you’ll be aware that I spend a fair bit of my ‘free’ time in the gym. I enjoy working out and I have learnt that when I am working out I am better with the children. I feel better in myself and I get that time away from the house, away from curriculums and away from the children to do something for me. I love seeing the progress that I have made and finally hitting some of the targets I want for myself help to keep me sane!

A few weeks ago I was sent a FourFit Health band to review. I’ll be honest and say that my expectations were low. I have been after a Fitbit for a while, and well, at less than half the price, I didn’t have high expectations for this band, having been let down by some big brand ones in the not too distant past.


What is the FourFit Health Band?

The band is billed as being more than just a fitness tracker – it claims to track health too. It has a range of sensors that monitor your blood oxygen and blood pressure and your resting heart rate. It also tracks your sleep and the number of steps you’re taking and your distance. It’s also waterproof which means you can use the FourFit health band when swimming.

First Impressions

The FourFit health band comes in a few different colour choices, and I opted for the blue one. It arrived in a small box with minimal instructions. I plugged it in the charge and the next day had a look at it. My wrists are quite slim so I did find this a bit fiddly to fasten first of all – I have it on the second smallest fitting, but after 3/4 days of wearing it, it soon got much easier to fasten.

blue fourfit band

I wasn’t really too sure how to turn the band on – there are no obvious buttons on it. I downloaded the (android) app and put the band on. I did find this frustrating as I couldn’t for the life of me work out how to get it working. In the end, I took it off and, whilst googling to see how to turn it on, it came on! I think I had my fingers covering the back of it and the length of time must have triggered some sensors.

Anyhow, I popped it back onto my wrist and set up my details in the app. It asks for gender, height, and weight as well as your preference for measurements (metric/imperial).  In the ‘settings’ section, you can amend your steps goal and provide third party access to things like Google Fit.

Using the FourFit Health Band

I can say that I have genuinely worn this band every single day since it arrived (some three weeks now) and I really like it. It’s comfortable to wear and I don’t even notice it when I’m working out in the gym. I had a TomTom tracker for a time which I found really uncomfortable when doing things like pressups and mountain climbers and lifting weights. I also have a Garmin watch for running and I find that gets a bit itchy if I get warm.

The FourFit Health Band, however, is perfect. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest and the only time I don’t wear it is when I’m showering (then I pop it on charge).

It claims to have a four-day battery life and I suspect it does. I’ve charged mine once a week since it arrived, usually for half an hour when I’ve been in the shower and getting ready. It’s lasted well.

Occasionally it struggles to connect with the app on my phone, but a hard close and re-open of the app soon solved that issue and it’s been interesting watching the data build up. There’s also been on occasion where I somehow deleted all the day’s data, so my steps only shows about 200.


Reviewing the Data

The main data that I like to look at is the steps, sleep and fatigue data. The steps data looks pretty accurate, my only slight niggle is it doesn’t seem to accurately record walking downstairs – but that’s not a huge problem. It seems fairly accurate to me – it certainly doesn’t over record so I know when it tells me I’ve hit the 10k target I am confident that I have.

The sleep data is interesting, and I like looking at the times I am sleeping well (and I’ve tried to consider what I do differently those nights – it turns out reading a book before bed really helps me sleep better!) and the fatigue data is pretty neat too. I have no idea how it measures your fatigue levels but it seems pretty accurate!

Wednesdays are always a bad day for me eating wise. We have football right in the middle of the day so it means we tend to be at home in the morning working on projects, then we have an early lunch before heading to the park. I tend to be on my feet then for a few hours playing with Harry and talking with other parents. We then get home and I sort dinner for everyone before I head for back to back spin and circuit training classes. It means I eat really badly and don’t take on anywhere near enough of the right foods to account for the extra energy I am expending. Unsurprisingly, the next day my fatigue levels were quite high all day, reducing only in the hour after my meals. Days when I have eaten better my levels show as being much less fatigued.


Overall I really rate the FourFit Health Band. It’s got a great price (£49 and there’s currently a deal to buy two for just £79) and it measures accurately. It’s comfortable to wear without being obtrusive and the data it collects is pretty accurate. If you’re looking for something to help you keep track of your general activity levels then this is well worth an investment.


I was sent this FourFit Health Band in exchange for this review. This does not affect my views and opinions – I genuinely love and use this item!


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