Family Days out in Northampton

Family Days out in Northampton

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We have friends who live down near East Anglia and, now that we all have children, it can make finding the time to meet up really difficult. Weekends are soon taken up with family events, days out, commitments with the children and so forth and it can mean that finding a date that we can all do is often really hard.

Last time we met up at a National Trust property for the day and it was great fun, the children got to have a good run around and we enjoyed a bite to eat together before setting off back to our respective homes. Unfortunately for us, we ended up with a puncture and it turned into a bit of a faff – fortunately our car at the time had a spare tyre so we managed to change it and get home and sort the damaged tyre the following day. We certainly learnt our lesson that time and now make a point about giving our car a really good check over before we head away anywhere. Obviously we check that the petrol/diesel is filled, but it’s also making sure that the washer bottles are topped up, that the windscreen wipers are all fine and that the tyres are inflated enough – and of course making sure they don’t need replacing if the tread is getting low. I really don’t want the experience of having to sort a tyre out again when we have the children with us.

Having said that, we are pretty good at keeping on top of servicing and making sure we book the MOT in good time, but it still pays to give the car a check over regularly, especially when you’re making longer journeys.

This year we are thinking of meeting up somewhere in the East Midlands again and Northampton area looks to be a good spot for us to meet. I have been busy looking for a spot for us to meet up at. And, thankfully, should we find ourselves with a damaged tyre (which after the bad run of luck we are having at the moment I wouldn’t bet against it!) then there’s always a range of branded tyres available at Calmac Tyres in Northampton.

So far, I have highlighted  a few places, Abington Park looks like a great spot to meet up. There are walks, a lake and a museum and it’s even home to the site of a medieval village. There’s a cafe onsite which is always handy (I never seem to pack enough food!). If the weather is good, it looks like a great spot for us to meet up.

Another place I’ve been looking at is Warwick Castle. Castles are always great places to visit and offer lots for children to learn about and of course, enjoy and Warwick castle looks superb and isn’t a place I’ve visited myself, so I would love to go there with the children.

The Pinnacle looks fantastic, but might be best for another time when Harry is a little older and can join in – we have only visited a climbing wall once or twice but the children loved it and it’s something I’d love to do again.

The final place I’ve been looking at is Brampton Valley Way which looks like a great space to let the children run off some energy and the tunnels sound like an interesting experience! – although one I’m not sure I will participate in!

Hopefully our trip to Northampton will be incident free – no need to get tyres sorted this time around! And hopefully it will be a great trip and a lovely time catching up with old friends.


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