Expressions #02 – The Digital Age

Expressions #02 – The Digital Age

I wrote in a post earlier this week about how times have changed and how my birth was told via handwritten and posted letter, yet on the birth of their first great-grandchild my grandparents can see them via Facetime.

I remember as a child having phone conversations with my Grandparents; we live in Manchester and they live in Cardiff and now, with my own children we can do Facetime video chat – remarkable that in their 80’s they have kept so up to date with technology!

We had had some issues with it in recent months, but my parents were visiting earlier this week so my dad was able to update the IOS and we were able to chat again.

These pictures are of my Grandmother (and my mum) talking to Daniel and I – we don’t visit as much as we would like – in part due to me being pregnant not long after Daniel was born and finding long car journeys uncomfortable but also because Emma hates the car – she will scream. We think we may have found a solution, which is a blog post for another time, so we hope that in July, when Damian has some time off work we will get a trip down to Cardiff to see them.

In the meantime, we will make use of technology; a technology that allows them to connect and see their great-grandchildren grow.

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