Expressions #01 – Me & My Girl

Expressions #01 – Me & My Girl

Following this weeks #silentsunday post, I was asked if I would like to link up to ‘expressions’, hosted by Helen at Actually Mummy.

So… here is my first ‘expressions’ post…

This is a ‘selfie’ of Emma and I that I took on Wednesday this week. Daniel had headed to bed for an afternoon snooze and I had been playing with Emma in the front room. She was in a very good mood, lots of smiles and cooing. It is rare that I have such 1-1 time with Emma; often when it is just us two she is enjoying a feed or having a nap herself, so it was lovely to have that time together when she was so alert and without Daniel also wanting to have mine (and Emma’s attention!).

I took some pictures of us with my husband’s digital SLR camera, then decided to pick up my iPad. I put the front camera on and held it above us as we lay on the floor. She was immediately interested in seeing the screen.

Neither Daniel or Emma have ever really watched much TV – it just doesn’t feature in our day (and even Damian and I watch little TV) so I think this was probably the first time she has seen the screen.

I took some pictures (another included below) and this one was my favourite. I uploaded it to my facebook page and I think, other than pregnancy and birth annoucements, it has been my most popular post.

I love that she is smiling, I love that it captures the ‘smallness’ of her against me and it’s just a fun and happy picture – capturing those early smiles.

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