Enjoying the last few moments of peace…

Enjoying the last few moments of peace…

I remember when Daniel was born just how exhausted we were, and how all consuming this tiny little thing was. If we weren’t feeding him, we were changing him, if we weren’t changing him we were soothing his colicky cries. If we weren’t doing that we were thinking about washing clothes, cleaning dishes, making something to eat…. Looking back my husband and I liken it to just surviving!

So, with that in mind I have been taking time to enjoy a few things and relax when I can, I know that all too soon I will not only have Daniel, but another little one who will rely on me for everything, sure, Damian will help when he is here, but all too quickly his paternity leave will pass and it will be me and two little people! Finding time to pursue my own interests will be difficult.

So, I have been busy cross stitching, something that I have always enjoyed doing on and off for about ten years or so. I am however terrible for starting projects and not finishing them; I loathe backstitching so have a few items that just need the backstitching doing. However, I picked up a DMC kit a few months back and have been working on this over the past few weeks…. Not too much more to do now.


This will be framed and put in either Daniel or the new baby’s room. I have also purchased some more kits, including an old mcdonalds farm one for Daniel and some Lizzie Kate samplers….


I’m not sure when these will get stitched, but they are waiting there for me, for when I do find those rare moments of peace and quiet!


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