Dinosaurs, Shakespeare & Electric Melon

Dinosaurs, Shakespeare & Electric Melon

Things have been a little quiet here on the blogging front over the past week or so – if you follow me on twitter or know me in ‘real life’ then you’ll probably have seen that at various stages this past fortnight, both Mr D and Miss E have been unwell.

It feels like a never ending cycle of sickness! Miss E spent the best part of a week grumbling of tummy aches and needing lots of cuddles. Ordinarily that wouldn’t be a bad thing but with a 34 weeks+ baby bump I’m running out of space to cuddle her. I think we resorted a couple of times to getting into bed just so I was comfortable cuddling her! We had a couple of very unsettled nights where she was waking at 9pm and wanting to be up meaning we had a lot of broken sleep as she would then be wakeful overnight too.

Just as she seemed to be getting on the mend, Mr D has come down with some sort of vomiting bug. It’s peculiar as he is fine in the morning then mid afternoon becomes very lethargic and tearful before being sick. We have had over a week of broken sleep from him – one night I think I was up six times – when I had just dozed back off to sleep (with both children in bed with us) one of the cats decided he wanted out – which sent me over the edge and into tears!

I’ve had days where I have been really tired and ended up falling asleep with the children in front of the TV or heading for an afternoon nap (thankfully Damian was off last week). It’s been a tough couple of weeks with one thing and another and I’ve felt endlessly guilty that we don’t really seem to be achieving much and I feel that at any one time I’m neglecting one of the children whilst I console the other.

A ray of sunshine however was the bright and cheerful happy post that arrived at the weekend in the form of this fab new phone cover for my Samsung S5.  The cover is from a lovely little independent company called Electric Melon. I had previously been using a clear plastic case but it was cracked and scratched and to be honest hadn’t really stood up to wear and tear as well as I’d have liked.

Electric Melon Phone Case

The case I have from Electric Melon is the Minimal Kitty one  and it’s certainly brightened up my phone and was a bargain at £9.99. I will confess to not really looking after my phone as much as I should do – it gets popped into my bag and the children like to look at pictures on it – meaning sticky hands grab at it too often. The case so far has stood up well and is free from scratches etc – when I change my phone early next year I’ll be getting another case from Electric Melon as at £9.99 they’re a bargain and it’s nice to have something bright and cheery in my bag for a change!

I have also been thankful for dinosaurs this past couple of weeks. I have mentioned before that the children have developed a keen interest in dinosaurs. I have printed a load of activities from Twinkl for them to dip in and out of and we have had lots of fun doing the various activities when they’ve been up to it. I’ll write up more about these in due course when we have worked through them all but I love that I can just go onto the Twinkl site, type in a phrase and be presented with a range of ready made activities that I can just print and use straight away. Perfect for this tired mum who really doesn’t have the energy to be too creative at the moment! Something I think I will be more and more thankful for once the new baby arrives.

twinkl pre school dinosaur activities

I have been taking a lot of baths in the past week – in part due to achiness from holding and carrying one of the children but also just to get some time for me! I have managed to finish a book I’ve had on the go for a while – In Her Shadow by Louise Douglas as well as making a start on The Fallen Queen by Emily Purdy. Fallen Queen is a bit heavy going but I’ve been breaking it up with a book I was sent through from the National Theatre Bookshop called ‘Shakespeare’s Guide to Parenting’. I’m too tired to read anything too in depth some evenings but I’ve had to smile at some of the quotes and cartoons in this one –  there are a few that ring true for us right now with tiredness, terrible two’s and threenagers!  It’s a great book for new parents and one that I’ll be looking to share with friends who are expecting in the next few months.


The past week or so has left me feeling tired and wondering how on earth we will cope when we throw a newborn into the mix, but then I guess that’s just life. At least we haven’t had the worry of arranging for one of us to be off work to look after the children when they’ve been unwell and thanks to my mum I have been able to take Mr D to see the walk in staff and the GP when I’ve needed to.

I’m hoping that with another good nights sleep Mr D will be happier tomorrow – I want to do some junk robots with the children if we get the chance so hoping he is feeling a bit brighter in the morning so we can enjoy the time just the three of us in the day before our new addition arrives.

Do you ever feel like you’re trapped in a cycle of sickness and tiredness?




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