Creating a little Vegetable Patch

Creating a little Vegetable Patch

This post is in collaboration with Premier Polytunnels and includes books that we have been sent to review

At the weekend, as we marked Emma’s fifth birthday, we popped into the local Wilko to take a look at the seeds they had – we are keen to get some things planted this year and try to grow some veg. I openly admit that I am useless at growing anything – this is firmly Damian’s remit! Daniel was keen to attempt a pumpkin, but we managed to convince him to try carrots and leeks instead…. I’m not sure we quite have the space for a pumpkin patch at the moment,

Emma really does enjoy planting things, nurturing the little seedlings and watering them in the summer months. She is always keen to get involved and has been asking when we can plant out annual sunflower seeds as well as wondering what other things we might be able to grow. She has been leafing through a couple of books we have been sent and giving me lots of ideas of the things she wants to do this year. Sunflowers Shoots and Muddy Boots is a great little book. It’s aimed primarily at pre-school children but there’s plenty of activities and ideas for how to get gardening with children and we have enjoyed the page that detail some of the bee-friendly plants we could plant, and both Emma and Daniel are keen for us to get these planted. The book is well presented and, ingeniously, has wipe-clean pages so perfect for taking outside!

Sunflower, Shoots and muddy boots book

We usually plant a bit of everything – using up seeds we have collected from the previous year and adding to it with bedding plants bought from the local cricket club in the late spring. The garden always looks bright and cheerful, and I am grateful for Damian’s efforts in getting it just right. This year we might remove one of the trees in the corner and utilise the space there for our vegetable patch. I quite like the idea of growing vegetables and the children understanding where their food comes from and actually growing it themselves. I wish we had the space in the garden to really grow  a decent selection of things and I do envy those who have the space for a polytunnel – it seems like the perfect way to dedicate some garden space to grow your own food and I am always a little bit jealous when I see the harvests from friends efforts on Instagram and the such.

Sunflower, Shoots and muddy boots book

A great book that arrived this weekend that I’ve yet to share with the children is Plant, Sow, Make & Grow. This book is brilliant and is packed full of practical tips and advice for growing lots of fun things. It is very obviously written from experience of setting up a children’s gardening club, and so has plenty of practical tips and advice. I like that the book is split into seasons as we are never very good at remembering what should be being planted and when, and always seem to be a couple of months behind where we should be. We have a bit of work to finish up this week, but next week I think I’ll make this a bit of a plan with the children to start thinking about what we could grow and start off some of the initial work. I am sure this book will appeal to Daniel as there’s a lot of factual information in this book and its style of illustration will, I am sure, appeal to him enormously.

plant, sow, make and grow books

The unseasonably good weather this past week has made me think about what we should be getting ready for the garden, and whilst the unusual warmth if a slight cause for concern, it will at least jump start us into getting our garden ready for the spring and summer months.

If you have any top tips on easy fruit and veg to grow in a small garden leave me a comment below!.



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