Confidence Building Activities For You As A Parent

Confidence Building Activities For You As A Parent

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It can often be quite the task, living as a parent. Of course, it’s something we do through pure love for our children and family unit, but when focusing solely on that, we might find ourselves feeling a little put out in other elements of our life. We could make a joke about a lack of sleep here, but you likely know that already. It might be that you don’t feel as confident as you used to, which is known to happen when people are stay-at-home parents. Your world of the home is the place where you have the most control, but not having employment or solid social contact with your (also busy) friends can sometimes leave you feeling a little less secure in yourself when out in public.

It might be that you used to define yourself by your work, your creative hobbies, or a range of other factors. Child rearing, especially rearing little ones, can sometimes give you less time for those activities. Of course, the identity of a loving parent is better than any that you could hope for, and has the most to teach. But finding methods to keep up your ‘person’ confidence to support your ‘parent’ confidence can help complete you as an individual. If you have the time for it, you might try the following:

Regular Gym Attendance

Gym attendance is among the most useful and character-building activities you could partake in. Some people wish for the spiritual or intellectual to take precedence over the physical, and it’s not hard to see why. They are foundational and essential to good health as a person, and of course we’re not referring to a specific religion here (although that’s extremely nourishing for people,) but more the understanding and ability to reflect or introspect on yourself. However, the physical is perhaps the most primal thing we as humans understand. Our body-mind connection is not so disconnected as to have limited impact on one another. In fact, the opposite couldn’t be more true.

It is instructive to see what happens to people who claim the former consideration when they see their squat strength going up. Everyone responds to gaining strength, health and personal conditioning in a positive manner, provided it is a healthy, sustainable pursuit. For the longest time, our strength dictated our ability for survival in a difficult world. That will not leave us simple because desks were invented. Of course, this can sound relatively primal when simply talking about building confidence. But when we learn how and why it builds confidence in this manner, we see attending the gym as less of a ‘vanity-pursuit,’ and something we must do to remain whole as people. Of course, the gym is just one example. If you prefer to run outdoors, commit to a sport such as rowing, you are more than able to do so. But a gym is a controlled environment that can often support people who haven’t visited in some time, particularly if they utilize OriGym’s personal trainer advice. Who knows where you could be this time next year?

A Creative Pursuit

A creative pursuit can often help someone express themselves at words deeper than speech, but of course if being a great orator is something that you enjoy, then you have every right to practice it. But sometimes painting, writing, sculpting, or playing an instrument can help you gfet down to the nitty-gritty of interacting with a hobby, and potentially helping you realize your potential in the form of a comforting development.

There can be a great therapeutic release in some of these activities. Taking out your parental struggles on the canvas can often leave you with an astonishing work of art, while also helping you get out your emotions in a manner that talking may not. A creative pursuit can also be defined on your own terms. While certain activities like playing an instrument has its own criteria that must be conformed to in order to play, there’s a great deal of creative control in what and how you play something. This is where you can exercise your expression, and that is perhaps one of the most confidence-building pursuits of all.

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Extra Education

While the school of parenthood is often the most intense and rewarding, it can be worthwhile to head out and stretch your brain around a subject once in a while. If you have time or a free day a week, heading to a language class or perhaps a hobbyist group can help you meet people, learn something new, and craft a new skill. This can be of personal use to you, or potentially help you secure a job if you ever go back into the working world.


With these tips, we hope rebuilding confidence feels as natural as the sunshine.


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