Travel the World with City Atlas

Travel the World with City Atlas

Ever since stumbling across Wide Eyed Editions on twitter and being sent the fabulous Atlas of Adventures I find myself lusting after each of their new releases. The autumn brings a host of new books from various publishers and I’ve had my eye on a few from Wide Eyed Editions, including the wonderful City Atlas.

City Atlas Martin Haake

City Atlas has been selected by The Bookseller as a highlight of the season and I can see why. It is stunning and is the perfect accompaniment to City Atlas as it delves into thirty great cities. It is colourful and wonderfully detailed but at the same time so simple.

City Atlas Mexico City

Like many, I went straight to the cities I’ve been to that I adore, Moscow and Mexico City. Both are amazingly depicted – St Basil’s Cathedral dominates the Moscow spread – in much the same way as it dominates my own holiday snaps (we seemed to be drawn back to it each and every day of our stay there). There is so much to see and I have dipped into the book time and time again and discovered something new on each page each time.

City atlas Moscow

Cities covered include Helsinki, Lisbon, Sydney, London, Toronto, Budapest, London and more. Each city covers a two page spread in this book and the details are superb. Martin Haake, the illustrator, has picked out key landmarks, people and iconic buildings. There is so much for the whole family to engage with. The book is marketed at age seven onwards, but Mr D has taken this book out from the bookcase a good few times now and studied it. He likes pointing out the things he can see and I am beginning to introduce the idea of countries to him. Miss E has also enjoyed looking at this book – surprisingly so given she is only eighteen months old.


It is a fabulous book and this, alongside the other stunning books due out (how amazing does Wonder Garden look) means that Wide Eyed Editions are sure to retain their spot in my heart (and bookcase) as my most coveted of books. Seriously, I have Wonder Garden, School of Art and 50 States on my birthday wishlist!

City Atlas is a delight to excite the young mind and let them explore the world through 30 cities




  1. 16th September 2015 / 22:04

    Hello Sarah! I love geography and travel! I have an old atlas that I love, but this book is truly amazing. The illustrations are so colorful and fantastic. Thank you for sharing. 😀 xx

    • 17th September 2015 / 07:56

      It really is, it is such a lovely book and one I look forward to exploring more and more as my children get older x

  2. 20th September 2015 / 07:38

    This is a stunning book. Some of their children’s books have caught my eye too.

    • 21st September 2015 / 08:05

      thanks for stopping by – it is a wonderful book and I can’t wait to explore it in ever greater details as they get older. Wide Eyed Ed really do produce the most exciting books x

  3. Sandra
    21st September 2015 / 10:02

    Always good to hear of a new worthwhile publishing house

  4. Emma Perry
    21st September 2015 / 11:51

    Oh this is such a gorgeous book. I do keep an eager eye on their new releases too, full of wonderful hearth thumpingly good picture books.

    • 29th September 2015 / 12:51

      they are aren’t they? I adore all their books x

  5. 21st September 2015 / 11:55

    This looks brilliant, I loved Moscow too. I’d like to be able to sit together with my children and talk about my travels-hopefully it might inspire them as well.

    • 29th September 2015 / 12:52

      yes – I think travel is such a wonderful thing to do – gives you a fresh perspective on things x

  6. 21st September 2015 / 19:45

    That is a really lovely book. My boys love our map oilskin tablecloth, so I know they would like this #readwithme

    • 29th September 2015 / 12:49

      it really is a fab book – it would sit alongside a book called atlas of adventures wonderfully too x

  7. 21st September 2015 / 22:31

    This book is on my wishlist for Sebastian, he loves finding out about countries and cities x

    • 29th September 2015 / 12:46

      it is lovely – and great to sit alongside atlas of adventures x

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