Bumpwatch – 27 Weeks

Bumpwatch – 27 Weeks

So, on Sunday I reached the 27 week mark…


27 Weeks (7)

This week I have begun to feel ‘heavy’ – I’m not sure if that is just tiredness in general – it’s been a testing fortnight with Daniel who has been really grumpy and not his usual happy self, or whether its that stage in the pregnancy. I am feeling a little better this week however, so maybe just tiredness.


People have commented that I seem to have gone bigger this week, but I’m not so sure…. I am however beginning to panic that we don’t have things sorted out… the bedroom is still a mess and needs clearing… which I am working on today and I need to dig out the tiny baby and new born clothes and start thinking about packing a bag for hospital. I do still hope for a home birth, but there are a few things against me at the moment so I need to be realistic and plan for the hospital option….


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