Bump Watch – Week 17

Bump Watch – Week 17

So today marks week 17, and I feel like my bump growth is slowing down now, after a rather rapid start!!


17 Weeks (8)

I think the early pregnancy tiredness is beginning to subside now… at least I hope it is. I have managed to not head back to bed each day so I’m taking that as a sign of improvement. I’m still achey when I get up, and I am noticing that with Daniel’s increasing weight I’m not able to hold him as long or as comfortably….


I thought I had managed to avoid the complete hormonal meltdowns I had when pregnant with Daniel but found myself in tears last night…. Not sure what triggered it, maybe I was a little tired but a hug from my hubby made things much better.


I think I’m feeling a little anxious about the 20 week scan, and an appointment I have with my post and ante natal consultants at 21 weeks, I think I will feel better when I am over the halfway point and have those appointments out of the way… I can see if my body is behaving and be a little clearer to understanding how far away my dream of a home birth really is…..


Time will tell I suppose



  1. 15th September 2013 / 18:56

    Hope all goes well at 20 week scan! Good luck.

  2. 15th September 2013 / 19:02

    thank you – I get really anxious before the scans… I convince myself something will be wrong :-/

  3. 15th September 2013 / 19:47

    Oh i know! I was a state before the 12 and 20 week scans! Fingers crossed for you tho.

  4. 15th September 2013 / 20:04

    Thanks you, three weeks to go 🙂

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