Bump Watch – 39 Weeks….

Bump Watch – 39 Weeks….

So, at 39 weeks I’m almost there and it’s fair to say the baby could arrive at any time….. which is both scary and exciting.


39 Weeks (11) I feel surprisingly well, not as big and uncomfortable as I though I would do, and weirdly energetic, although I did read earlier in the week that its not uncommon to get a wave of energy at the end.


At my midwife check up today, all was normal in terms of blood pressure and urine checks, which is a huge relief given last time. The baby is 1/5 engaged but I’m trying not to obsess about that, I know it’s normal for them to engage later in a second pregnancy.


I find myself scouring the internet for signs of imminent labour beyond the obvious of slow contractions and waters breaking! Every twinge and niggle I wonder if this is things beginning… but nothing as yet. He or she will make her entrance as and when they’re ready. In the past week I have become increasingly convinced we are having a girl; I don’t know why and there is nothing to base it on at all – all the old wives tales would suggest I’m having a boy, but who knows. Time will tell!


I feel strangely cheated that I haven’t had any cravings in this or my previous pregnancy…. I find myself eating a lot of cheese at the moment and oddly wanting sugary drinks, which is very unlike me as I generally drink either fresh apple or orange juices or just water, but I did buy a bottle of fizzy apple stuff on Saturday (which of course sent the baby hyper with all that sugar!).


I am also weirdly relaxed about the state of the baby’s room… there is literally stuff everywhere but I’m not bothered by it. Perhaps because I know s/he will be in with his until August time.


the ‘nesting’ instinct  doesn’t appear to have set in yet either, although yesterday I did get myself weirdly obsessed about getting a Filofax – no idea why! I tend to have lots of notebooks and diaries about the place so maybe my nesting urge is to have a lovely filofax and keep everything in one place!! I really like this one in paperchase and this A5 one from paperchase, or, pushing the boat out this lovely raspberry A5 one. Weird the things you suddenly obsess about!





  1. 18th February 2014 / 08:18

    hmm no cravings … I have heard that some pregnant women eat disgusting amounts of mars bars – have you heard about that one?

  2. 18th February 2014 / 10:18

    Oooh I loved Mars bars at times during my pregnancy (still do even when not pregnant).
    Can’t wait for the blog post to announce the birth. Hope it is soon for you.

  3. 19th February 2014 / 16:09

    It was a one off – I was having a bad day with Daniel and I didn’t eat them all in one go!!

  4. 21st February 2014 / 09:56

    Get off Google! 😉 I find myself googling everything at the moment.. Am terrible!

    I cant believe you’re in a calm state over baby’s room, I keep freaking about ours. And if another person says it doesn’t matter because she wont be in it yet, I will scream.

    I never really had any cravings with my second! First and this time around but never last time. Maybe that means we wont have fussy eaters on our hands! 😉 X

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