Bump watch – 38 weeks

Bump watch – 38 weeks

So, today makes it 38+1 weeks.


I must be at the stage where I look ready, as yesterday was the first time people asked me how much longer I had left. I am asked if I feel like the baby will arrive soon, but I don’t know….. It doesn’t feel imminent.

With Daniel everything was much more controlled due to being in hospital, and it was clear when he would arrive, give or take a day or two. This one will be much more spontaneous, and I will just have to wait for nature to take its course…. My impatience isn’t good, I don’t like not knowing when in the next fourish weeks things will happen.

I feel well, and am sure the baby has dropped down more again today, the bump feels lower and heavier into my pelvis and my back is aching a lot this evening. I am planning a long hot bath and an early night.

I’m finding the tiredness is hitting me first thing in a morning, around 8:30-09:00 and then again around 15:30-16:00, but I can usually engage Daniel in a small task like reading or playing with his animal magnets so it’s not too draining for me and I can rest up when I need to.

It’s been lovely to see some ladies on twitter have their babies over the past week, and I have been trying to read positive birth stories too… I’m hopeful all will go well and we are beginning to get excited at the prospect of meeting our new addition… Whenever that may be!


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