#Bump Watch – 25+1 Weeks

#Bump Watch – 25+1 Weeks

Here is my #bumpwatch picture at 25+1 weeks


25+1 Weeks (4)

I feel like the growth is slowing a little, although the baby has moved to lie across me now (transverse) so my bump has flattened a little, which I suppose makes it look smaller.


Today I was at the midwife, all is well and I had my flu injection. I’m back at the hospital at 28 weeks for a growth scan and to see the consultant, then back to my community midwife at 29 weeks so she can check in and see what the consultant has said.


After 30 weeks they will be extra vigilant with me due to the pre-eclampsia last time round, which I guess is no bad thing.


Any guesses as to boy or girl?



  1. 11th November 2013 / 20:45

    Ah, thank you. I don’t feel big, until I see my bump and then I think, hmmm yep, you’re looking pregnant!!

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