Bump Watch – 19 weeks

Bump Watch – 19 weeks

It feels strange to be almost halfway through this pregnancy… I suppose it is inevitable that with having my very active 11 month old, the pregnancy is almost a second thought.

19 Weeks (4)


Family tell me I am now in the ‘blooming’ stage – and I am certainly feeling less tired and achey these days. I still have the odd night where I struggle to sleep, but I suspect that is more to do with my mind being too active! I don’t feel big yet, but I got a shock when I walked past the mirror this morning – I am big!!


I am finding it hard now to carry Daniel in the ergo on my front, so on Friday I had him on my back for the first time. After four or five attempts, I find it quite easy to get him onto my back, and its super comfy to carry him that way. Getting him off is a different matter and requires a little more practice!


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