Building Confidence with Public Speaking

Building Confidence with Public Speaking

I wrote last month about the WWF badges project that the children did. This was something that I set up as I was keen to help build the children’s confidence with talking in public. I noticed a few months back that E seemed to be becoming increasingly reluctant to speak in groups and it was becoming a bit of an issue for her. I’ve always struggled with public speaking so I am keen to try and support her through this whilst she is still young enough for it to not become a ‘thing’.

After the success of the first gathering, we agreed to meet again to present another project, this time we took inspiration from the RSPB. The children all chose a bird or animal and the pin badges that the RSPB sell were ordered. Daniel initially chose to do his project on the robin, but then changed his mind to ladybird. E chose snowy owls.

We used books to learn more about the ladybird, and D made a lovely picture of a ladybird. He wrote out various things he learnt about them and pieced them all together in his project book. Emma’s was a bit more difficult as we have surprisingly little on snowy owls.

We watched YouTube videos of the owls in action and we read up about them on the National Geographic website. Em drew a lovely picture of a snowy owl and stuck it onto a blue background. She made an owl mask and we used some of the lapbooking inserts from Home School Share to record some of the key things she had learnt.

We also spotted two snowy owls at the museum in Bolton that we visited a week or two ago; she was really pleased to see this and correctly identified that they had thick feathers on their legs and feet (and was able to deduce why that might be).

We put all their work into their project books and we practised what they might say. Earlier in the week, our group got together again and each child presented their projects. We learnt about hedgehogs, jays, ponies, butterflies, foxes and other creatures and it was really lovely to see the different approaches that the children took to their projects and to learn some new bits of information too.

Daniel was much more confident this time in presenting his work; which mostly just consisted of him reading out the things he had written as well as showing his pictures. Emma was still a little reticent to do hers, but she sat on my knee and I asked her questions about the things she had learnt. She is, of course, one of the youngest in the group, and it’s easy to forget that sometimes. She did well though and was thrilled to get her snowy owl badge!

Afterwards, it was time to share a snack before some play (and a coffee and mince pie for the mums!)

I think our next projects might be dinosaurs, and that is likely to take place in January I expect. I’m looking forward to this one as we have some really beautiful dinosaur books so I’ll be interested to see which ones the children use for inspiration when they choose a dinosaur to learn more about.



  1. Jo
    28th November 2018 / 09:00

    That’s so lovely. I’m tempted to start a project group or co-op type thing, has it taken loads of organisation or is it quite a simple set up?

    • 29th November 2018 / 20:21

      no it was really simple. If you look back at my WWF badges post I think I talked on there a little about it. I essentialyl put a post up in a local FB group to see who would be interested and then from that set up an event. I’m lucky my house is big enough to host a good number of children and mums so I set a date that worked for me, invited people along (we did two hours) and it was great fun. I did some snacks and drinks then the children played for 45 mins or so before heading home. One of our friends hosted the RSPB one and another is likely to host the next one (Or I will do it again). It’s just getting the badges ordered (if you choose to issue them) that needs a bit of planning so they arrive on time x

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