Brave Mummy or Brave Daniel?

Brave Mummy or Brave Daniel?

Yesterday marked Daniel’s first trip to see the Dentist. At the grand old age of 19 months (well, just under) we went to get our teeth checked.

The practice we are at is a private practice that take NHS patients on a Monday. So, off we went. Now, the last few NHS dentists I have been to have been good, but this private practice has lots of gadgets and the like for making the visit as enjoyable as a visit to the dentist can be…. there are TV screens on the ceiling for you to see and there was a big green frog toy waiting on the chair when I went in… ready for Daniel.

I was a bit sceptical about the value in taking him, but the dentist said that as soon as they have teeth it is a good idea to get them used to sights and sounds (and smells) of the dentist, which I think there probably is some value in.

Daniel and Emma waited outside with my mum whilst I had my teeth checked (typically two old fillings need to be removed and redone in a couple of weeks’ time). Then, when it was Daniel’s turn in he came.

Straight away he wasn’t very pleased…. he had been grumbly all morning. Teething plus the hot weather has made him more sleepy than usual.

But, the Dentist was lovely and very patient with him and sat him on the magic chair. We got all excited and told him to hold on… but as soon as that chair tipped back he was not impresssed and started to cry… but in the process gave the dentist a lovely shot of his teeth (12 and a little one just cut through the gum).

As he had been such a good boy he was allowed to choose a balloon…..

I’m not looking forward to the next trip in six months time!

What age did your children start seeing a dentist?


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