Blogger Challenge with Quiz Clothing

Blogger Challenge with Quiz Clothing

A week or so ago I was asked if I would like to take part in a blogger challenge… the challenge being to allow another blogger to choose an outfit for me from the occasion dresses available from Quiz.

On the basis that I had nothing to lose I decided I would take part and was paired with Stella from Fashion & Style Police.

I was asked to send across a brief description of my style, and I sent this over:

As a mum to three aged 4 and under my style tends to be quite practical!

I like bright colours, think pinks, blues, reds etc and I’m not a huge fan of items that are only a pale colour like pale pinks, creams and white as they don’t really suit my skin tone – (I’m fair skinned) – as long as they’re brightened up with a pop of colour or bold pattern I’m good and it’s fair to say I’m not afraid of wearing a bold patterned item.

Being only 5’1 I’m not a fan of long length dresses and skirts, preferring to stick to prom or skater style dresses which always seem that bit more flattering on my shorter frame. I don’t like tops that have too low a neckline and I am always much more at home in flats or a kitten style heel.

S0… how did Stella do? Well… actually pretty well! Stella chose some fab items and, weirdly, we chose each other the same dress!

quiz clothing

The dress is a lovely deep navy blue and embellished with pearl and sequin detailing and lots of layers of fabric in the skirt which make is very flattering and luxurious. Stella also chose some sequined shoes to go along with the dress and a silver clutch bag.

Wearing this sort of outfit is hugely out of my comfort zone at the moment – dressing up for a night out like this is something I haven’t done for a long time – any weddings or formal events that have happened since the children arrived I have been pregnant and so I have made do with a safe maternity outfit.

quiz clothing

However, I really like this dress and the colour is fabulous – it’s a lovely shade of blue and the fabric is cut well and is forgiving I think.  Both Stella and I chose silver accessories to go with this dress. Stella chose me some lovely and surprisingly comfortable, silver shoes and the detailing on them is fantastic. I would never have chosen these for myself but they will certainly be worn and will be a welcome addition to my shoe collection.

quiz clothing shoes

The bracelet and bag are also lovely; the bracelet was very easy to put on myself and the silver clutch bag is gorgeous – perfect for wearing with an occasionwear dress like this, or making a pair of jeans and a smart top a little bit dressier.

I think this would be the perfect outfit to wear to a wedding or similar this summer.

quiz clothing shoes

Thank you to Quiz for inviting me to be part of this blogger challenge and thank you to Stella for choosing me this outfit. To see the outfit I chose for Stella visit her site here.



  1. PAT
    25th May 2017 / 20:36

    Thats lovely Sarah. I love the colour. The shoes are really nice too. Its lovely to see you in a dress x

  2. 26th May 2017 / 08:28

    I am glad you like the accessories and so cool we choose the same dress. You look fab x

  3. 28th May 2017 / 12:15

    This is a gorgeous colour. I love that you both chose the same dress!

    • 28th May 2017 / 19:39

      I know how strange – I couldn’t believe it when I opened the packages up!

  4. 5th June 2017 / 11:58

    Oh wow, what a coincidence you chose the same dress. The dress looks great on you by the way, love the colour!

    • 5th June 2017 / 22:28

      aww thank you; it’s a bit out of my comfort zone but I love it x

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