Finding a Local Photographer with Bidvine

Finding a Local Photographer with Bidvine

When Mr D and Miss E were born we arranged for professional photographs of us as a family to be taken when they were around five months old and we are keen to do the same with Mr H.

We really liked the last photographer that we used, but it seems that she is no longer doing the photography so we have set about looking for another photographer. It can be a bit of a headache knowing where to look to find people but I was told about Bidvine being a good place to find local professionals so I thought I’d give their website a try.



The website itself is quite straight forward and asks you to input the service you are looking for (photographer in my case) and your postcode. As you type your service you can narrow it down to wedding, family, event photography etc.  You then go through a few more questions, such as how many people included in the photo shoot, where you want the photos to be taken, the style of photography and the format you’d like the images in eg: USB, printed, album etc.

You’re asked to input a rough budget and then either select if the professional comes to you, or how far you are willing to travel.

There is an opportunity to add in anything you think might be helpful and then the request wings its way to Bidvines network of registered professionals. I was surprised at just how quick and easy the process is to go through and the questions asked are relevant and ensure that you don’t forget to include a pertinent piece of information that might affect the quote you receive.

I was happy to see I was promptly contacted by two photographers who sent me a clear idea of the work they do, the price and also inviting me to review their style of photography or to contact them for more info. You get sent the quotes via email but can also log into your personal space in Bidvine to see the details of your job requests and the responses you’ve had and from there can send your replies.

bidvine professional servicesIt made the process much quicker and easier than googling for different local photographers and also saved me the hassle of having to type my requirements multiple times (and worrying that I’d forgotten something each time!). It simplifies the process and within a couple of days I had a number of quotes that I could then follow up or not – much easier than trawling through websites and facebook pages – and far less time consuming too.

We have identified some photographers and now just need to choose who we might use and look at when we might have pictures taken – hopefully they’ll be done just before Christmas time.

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