(Belated!) Meal Planning Week 8 – 17 February

(Belated!) Meal Planning Week 8 – 17 February

Yet again, I am late posting up my meal plan for this week. I do have the excuse though of being 39 weeks pregnant! Anyhow, last weeks plan was as follows:

  • Monday – eating out at my parents
  • Tuesday – wait and see… we are having lunch out so will see how hungry we are in the evening
  • Wednesday – Vege and meat cottage pies from freezer with veg
  • Thursday – Jacket potatos with cheese, beans and coleslaw
  • Friday – Fish and chips

Monday we did eat at my parents which was lovely. Tuesday I think I dug something out of the freezer as we had a family day out and had lunch too. Wednesday was a BIG disaster, well for me. I took out what I thought was a lentil cottage pie but it was in fact fish pie. As I don’t eat fish my hubby ended up with that, Daniel had half the meat cottage pie and I think I ended up doing cheese and biscuits later on for me! A lesson there in labelling up food I put in the freezer!! Thursday we had jacket potato which was nice, always a favourite for me and a good one to do when my husband is working late, as he was on Thursday. Friday was good old fish and chips for Damian and cheese and onion pie and chips for me. Daniel was a little under the weather on Friday so he had a potato cake as he had been sick in the day and wasn’t eating much.

This week’s plphotoan is a little basic again, partly because I am half expecting I could have the baby anytime and also because I need to be realistic about my energy levels to stand and prepare meals from scratch. I have stocked up the kitchen cupboards with jar mixes so that these are nice and quick to make in those early weeks with a newborn – there is no way either Damian or I will be up to making a ‘proper’ meal from scratch!

Monday – Vege lasagne with garlic dough balls

Tuesday – Risotto

Wednesday – Chilli on jacket potatoes

Thursday – SURPRISE  – will explain this one next week 🙂

Friday – Fish & Cips

As ever, I have joined in with the Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday Linky – click the image below to see other great meal plans for this week.



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