(Belated) #bumpwatch – 21 weeks

(Belated) #bumpwatch – 21 weeks




This is a slightly belated update…. I am now 21+4 but the picture was taken on Sunday, when I was 21 weeks.


21 Weeks (12)

I don’t think I’m that big, until I catch sight of myself walking past a mirror and I realise that I am! This week saw a visit to the hospital, partly because of a historical thyroid condition (just after I got married I was diagnosed with graves disease it was resolved within 10 months and I’ve not had a re-occurence, but they monitor in pregnancy) and also to do with the pre-eclampsia last time around.


The consultants I saw were brilliant. The first one told me I am worrying far too much – which I am, and that there was nothing to indicate I would have any issues this time. In a bid to try and highlight any potential issues, and to reassure me, they have offered me two additional scans to check on the baby’s growth. A re-occurrence of my thyroid condition can trigger pre-eclampsia but won’t show in blood results for six weeks. A growth scan will highlight any issues in the baby’s growth (again, can be slowed due to pre-eclampsia or thyroid conditions). These are booked for 28 and 36 weeks. So, great that we will get another peek before s/he arrives. I just hope that everything stays clear and our baby develops well.


The second consultant again stated that I am ‘textbook normal’ – so he doesn’t see any issues and I am discharged from his care now, so just under one, which was what I hoped would happen. I feel much more confident that I might get a home birth, and that, hopefully, things will progress healthily this time around.


My baby is very active now, and I can feel him/her kick and wriggle regularly…. at a meeting on Monday evening s/he delivered a nice sharp prod which made me gasp…. much to the amusement of those sat around me!



  1. 18th October 2013 / 18:32

    Didn’t know the thyroid had links to pre-eclamsia too, no wonder the doctors were watching me, I had extra scans at 28, 32 and 36 weeks! Luckily I was fine, hope you will be too x

  2. 18th October 2013 / 19:52

    Yes, it can be one of many triggers for pre eclampsia. It didn’t cause the pre eclampsia last time…. But post pregnancy my thyroid bloods were all over the place (although I didn’t have any symptoms of either under of over active thyroid). Things have been in hung normal range for a long while now, but as your body uses more thyroid hormones to develop the baby they keep an eye on it.

    They’re giving me the extra scans just to be on the safe side given I had pre eclampsia late on last time, and I have a history of a thyroid complaint. I’m sure all will be fine though x

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