Animal Flash Cards – Camilla de le Bédoyère

Animal Flash Cards – Camilla de le Bédoyère

I was, earlier in the week, sent two packs of Flash Cards from the team at QED Publishing. I haven’t really used flash cards with Daniel and Emma so I was intrigued as to how these would be received by them.

They are due to be published next month on the 18th June and there will be three in the set, Colours & Opposites, ABC and 123 and the illustrations on the cards are by Camilla de le Bédoyère. We were sent the 123 and Colours & Opposites sets.

Firstly, the presentation is wonderful. they come in a nice sturdy A5(ish) size box and each seat holds twenty double sided cards. The cards are really thick and sturdy and have stood up well to Daniel and Emma’s rather rough handling of them.

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What I really liked about these is that they are so wonderfully illustrated and show lots of less well known animals and other creatures. We have used these to help extend some of Daniel’s descriptive language (things like describing things as being spotted or striped) and also to talk about other animals. The colours and opposites set includes a snail on the fast and slow card, much to Daniel’s delight, as he has been fascinated with snails over the past week or so since he started to collect them in our garden (and making me a bit squeamish in the process!).

They really are a lovely set and they’ve given me some ideas on how we can use them in different ways soon. I am hoping that Daniel will start to understand numbers and counting a bit more soon (we seem to have a taken a bit of a backward step on this recently!) and I plan to do a number hunt for him over the summer using some adhesive numbers I picked up in a discount store a few weeks back and these flash cards.

Animal flashcards Camilla de le Bedoyere

Like me, Daniel is really engaged with animals and nature so these cards are just perfect for igniting his interest at the moment. He loves to bring the box to me and talk through them with me. I hope to add the ABC set to our collection at some point over the next 12 months as we begin to work on developing his letter recognition.





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  1. 3rd June 2015 / 10:58

    I used to love flash cards, they can be very simple to use and it means you can just choose a few at a time to work on and be creative with how you play with them.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

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