An Early Mothers’ Day Treat

An Early Mothers’ Day Treat

Please note I was gifted a spa experience by in exchange for this review


A few weeks ago an email landed asking me if I’d like to have a spa experience – I, of course, said yes! I’ll admit that though I’m pretty good at making time for myself to get out and away from the house, I am less good at actually looking after myself.

Life can be full of stresses and strains, and it’s really important to take a step back and make time to simply rest and relax and to ease some of the daily stresses. I know when I’m feeling stressed; I get headaches and I can be snappy and lacking in patience. We have had some particular stresses at home since December with an ongoing flooding issue in our cellar and just the general stresses of being mum to three young children and juggling all their needs. It hit home when my trainer asked me a few weeks ago if I ever just rest and do nothing. It dawned on me that I so rarely do that; the time I class as ‘rest’ is when I am at the gym!

Anyhow, I was booked into The Bali Room the Saturday before last for a two-hour spa experience. I opted for the back, neck and shoulder massage, facial, hand treatment and the Indian head massage.  Using an app called HRV4Training I was asked to take various measurements the day before the experience, the morning of the experience and then afterwards.

The week leading up to the treatment was a hectic one. I’d hosted a few things at the house for some of our home ed friends, and I had two events the following week I was hosting, so had been busy preparing for that. In amongst the general daily life and seemingly endless jobs that I never feel quite on top of.

On the morning of the treatment at The Bali Rooms I was woken earlier than usual with the children coming bouncing into our room. I managed to get some breakfast before heading out. The Bali Rooms is part of The Attic Salon in Bramhall and is a really nice bright airy space. I was met and asked to complete a form prior to the treatment before being taken into the treatment room.

The massage was absolutley amazing, so relaxing and I’d have happily had the two hours spent on the back massage! I then had a lovely facial and hand treatment before moving onto an Indian Head Massage. I’ve never had an Indian Head Massage before so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. It was reall relaxing and something I’d be keen to try again in the future.

When the treatments were finished I felt so chilled and relaxed and could quite easily have had a snooze – something that never happens! It was however time to return to reality and head home to the children.

The whole experience was wonderful and I’ll be dropping some seriouts hints to Damian for upcoming Mother’s Day later this month…. You can check out the range of gift experiences available at Buy at Gift here.



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