A Visit to St Matthew’s, Edgeley

A Visit to St Matthew’s, Edgeley

A few weeks back, probably towards the end of the summer holidays, I went along to a community group called ‘Friendly Fridays’. It was there that I got chatting to a lady called Pam and when she learned that we home educate, she offered us a tour of a local church.

So, today myself and two other families headed along to St Matthew’s in Edgeley. The church itself is a large and imposing church and Daniel and Emma were very impressed with its tall spire!

st matthews edgeley

We went inside to wait for the other families to join us and the children soon spotted the Baptismal Font and were keen to be lifted up to take a look inside.

Once everyone had arrived Pam welcomed us all and told us all about the church, taking us into each section of the church and asking the children questions; did they know the names of the various parts of the church, and what were their own experiences of church. The children enjoyed sharing their own experiences.

There was an opportunity for the children to play some musical instruments, which they, of course, all enjoyed before taking a look at where the choir sit and getting the opportunity to try on some of the robes. The children enjoyed this a lot and it was good that I could see Daniel and Emma recall what colour vestments are used and when.

We admired the beautiful stained glass windows and learnt a bit of local history too – the Sykes Family in particular (and something I intend to read more about soon).

At the end of the visit, the older children had a quiz sheet – looking for things in the church and marking where they could be found. They really enjoyed doing this and I always think these sorts of things are great for getting children (and adults!) to really look at the details.

Churches often provide landmarks for our villages and towns and it’s always wonderful to get the opportunity to step inside a church and to learn more about them. St Matthew’s is beautiful and the children enjoyed visiting today and were telling Damian about it over dinner this evening.

st matthews edgeley

The children always really enjoy exploring new places and I know that they’ll remember this visit fondly.

As Home Educators it’s always worth contacting local churches to see if there are opportunities to visit. I am going back to Friendly Fridays’ this week and I’m planning for the children to take their endangered animals projects with them – an opportunity to work somewhere outside the home. I am keen for them to have links to the wider community and this is the perfect way. I am also sure that the children will have a positive influence on those that attend the group too.



  1. Pat
    9th October 2018 / 07:29

    What a beautiful church. So much to do in the local area without spending lots of money.

  2. Tony
    9th October 2018 / 08:23


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