A Sure Sign You’re Getting Older

A Sure Sign You’re Getting Older

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When we bought our house, it was always intended as a house we would do some work in. Whilst I have ideas about moving to something else, we like where we are and there isn’t really anything that we can afford to move to that makes it worth leaving our current home for. We have done a fair bit to the house, and I think it’s good for the children to see the work we have done.

We have done a lot of the big tasks, things like sorting out damp issues, guttering, re-roofing the bay window and the main roof. Decorating throughout and putting down new flooring. If you follow my IG stories you’ll know we have a basement issue that we are in the midst of resolving and then, once we have that sorted, I think we will be replacing the windows. There are two or three that definitely need replacing this year, and we have had a quote for all of them being done.

We haven’t really made any decisions on the style of the windows, we may make some slight changes to bring them more in line with how they would have been originally (they would have originally been sash windows) and I do like the idea of having dark grey frames, although that would mean we would have to have the door frame sprayed as we don’t intend to replace that door at the moment (as we replaced it when we moved in and it’s perfectly fine).

As we do the windows we will also replace the curtains too. I’ve never really been overly pleased with the curtains we chose for our bedroom and I think my preference now would be to have a nice blind at the window instead. The children have blackout blinds in their rooms and I think that’s something we will go for. We also need to think about replacing the blinds on the French doors at the rear of the property too.  Direct Blinds have a great selection and it’s given me some ideas of things we might be able to use.

It does strike me though that all these thoughts and plans are just a real sign of getting older. When we once would have been saving for a holiday or a weekend away, we are now saving to replace windows. Where once a lazy weekend was a walk to a local pub and to pass an hour with a glass of wine and the papers, now it’s looking at paint charts whilst the children watch a film and deciding what colour we might choose next. When my internet search history was full of hotel reviews and travel guides it’s now Pinterest boards and soft furnishing websites.

I don’t really mind though. I’m happy to create a home the children love and, hopefully, when they’re older, recall with affection.



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