A successful shopping trip

A successful shopping trip

One of the things I was keen to do was to recycle the maternity clothes I wore when pregnant with Daniel… However with Daniel I was pregnant over a summer with this one it is over winter. I also didn’t account for the fact that a lot of my clothes would be stretched out by a big bump!

This means that my trousers in particular are just too big at the moment, I’ve been persevering with them but I decided that, really, I needed to get a couple of new pairs. As I am not in work, I can keep them quite casual, particularly as much of my time is spent on the floor chasing after Daniel as he explores his world.

Today I popped to a local mothercare and for less than £50 got two pairs of trousers, a lovely dress and a pair of tights… Very impressed as the quality of the stuff I bought from mothercare last time round was really good and the dresses, tops and tshirts will be used in this pregnancy too.


I then popped over to TK Maxx. I will admit it, I am a bit of a snob with TK Maxx. I can’t bear the rummaging around looking for clothes. However I have had some nice homeware stuff from them in the past, so I thought I’d take a look as I am looking for a mirror and a picture or two for our dining room. Whilst there I came across the stationery section. I had to be very restrained as the papers and notebooks they had are gorgeous!

In the end I spent around £20 and got some lovely writing papers, three little journal books which I might send on to friends in the future or use myself and the most gorgeous book of Beatrix Potter postcards. These are my favourites as they are just so sweet and would look lovely framed on a desk. I intend to send some of these to my snailmail pals in the future.


They also had some very pretty storage boxes, but as I have spent more than enough this week on various bits and pieces for the house, they will have to wait for another shopping trip I think.

I fear I may be a TK Maxx convert!

Have you had any bargains recently?


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