9 / 52

9 / 52

It’s been a productive week here – and it feels like we are doing some really good things at the moment. The weather was, of course, glorious at the end of last week and the start of this, and we have enjoyed that good weather, although I must admit I am glad to see it has returned to more seasonal temperatures.

What I have read

This week I have continued reading First Comes Love and am almost finished on that now, it’s been a good read but I still don’t know how the story will conclude. This week I finished my audiobook, White Lies by Lucy Dawson which was a great book, and I have another of hers out from the library. I am hoping that the one I have to read next is as good as White Lies.

So one audiobook finish this week and nearly one more read.

Total books read this month: 1

Total audiobooks this month : 1

Total books read this year: 4

Audiobooks listened to: 2

Where we have been

This week we haven’t ventured too far, other than to make the most of the weather at the start of the week. We did enjoy a lovely afternoon at a friend’s house on Friday to mark St David’s Day, and the children had great fun making various Wales themed crafts and learning more about Wales. It was great fun and the children always get so much out of sessions like this.

Today (Saturday) I went for a two hour spa session, and it was fantastic. I’ll write more about that soon but it was wonderful and just what I needed.

Miles Run

This week has been slow on the running front. I did a short two-mile treadmill run to get my 25-mile target finished for February. I finished February with 25.39 miles run. Some way off my original target of 50 miles, but sometimes you just can’t do everything. I’ve set myself a 50-mile target again for March so I’ll have to see how that goes. I have been at the gym this week and focussed more on my strength and weight training. I managed to hit a few new personal bests which are always satisfying.

Miles Completed this week: 2

Miles completed this month: 25.39

Miles left to target: 0


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