6 / 52

6 / 52

This week has been a strange old week, and whilst I’ve been productive on things for the children, I’ve been less productive on doing things for me. I find it’s often a delicate balance making sure I get chance to fit in the things that I want to do for me, to keep me sane, as well as getting on top of preparing things for the children.

What I have read

It’s not been terribly productive on the ‘reading for pleasure’ front for me. I am still working through The Single Mums’ Mansion but I might give up on this – I’m not really enjoying it as much as I expected. I’m about halfway through so I might give it a few more nights and see how I feel on Monday, when we are due to return books to the library. I’m still also reading Julia Gets a Life on my Kindle and listening to Billy and Me by Giovanni Fletcher when I’m in the gym or running.

So, my book count still hasn’t increased.

I’ve been using a book called What your Year 1 Child Needs to Know this week to prepare some stuff for the children – I’m finding that short sharp topics are working well – Em can delve in at her own level and Daniel can pursue the elements that interest him in more detail.

Total books read this month: 3

Where we have been

This week hasn’t been great for getting out and about. Em wasn’t too well at the start of the week and ended up asleep for a few hours, which is very unusual. We did all go along to Daniel’s Beaver’s investment which was lovely and we went out for lunch yesterday afternoon.

I think it’s been a week when we have all felt a little run down. I think Harry is teething, Em has been out of sorts and Daniel has been content enough to crack on with work. We attended various groups and Daniel has moved up a group in his swimming now too.

Miles Run

This week has been another slow one for running. I’ve been really out of routine with the gym and running but have managed a short 3.15 mile run last night.

I’ve been enjoying the gym and have been happy to hit some new PB’s with deadlifts and hip thrusts and am working towards a few other targets as well. I admit I was a little despondent with things over the last couple of weeks – I was struggling to see the progress I was expecting and I wasn’t hitting the targets I’d set myself. My trainer sent me a picture from just under a year ago that he had come across and it was a surprise to see how much weight I have visibly lost. Whilst it’s not much in lbs, it has made a big difference so that has given me a boost in terms of I can see the work paying off and hitting those new PB’s this week has given me a renewed energy.

Miles Completed this week: 3.16

Miles completed this month: 6.31

Miles left to target: 43.69

So… all in all it’s been a slow week, but I think I’ve needed that time to prepare things for the children – which I am pleased I’ve done that and been able to tick it off my list. I am organsing a number of things at the moment and I want to get ahead of myself with those so I can make sure I have all the materials that I need ready to run with.

I’m hopeful that the coming week will be more successful in terms of getting a few long runs in and getting back on top of things.


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