4 Ways To Give Your Home More Character

4 Ways To Give Your Home More Character

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Some homes are naturally impressive and full of life, character, and the rest, but most aren’t — that aspect of the home has to be earned. The good news is that no matter what your home is like, whether it’s old or new, there are always ways to give the property a healthy dose of character, and, what’s more, none of them are overly difficult. You’ll want to have a classy decor base to work with, but once you do, take a look at incorporating the following aspects.

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Vintage Touches

No matter how old your home is, there’s always room for vintage additions. So many homes just have items that are bought from the large, cookie-cutter stores, and while there’s nothing wrong with those items, exactly, they don’t have much intrigue. Plus, some items you see again and again in people’s homes. When it comes to buying certain items, especially of the decorative variety, it’s a good idea to take a look through vintage markets and find something old-school and cool. Be aware, however, that you can do overdo it — the idea should be to have a few items blended in with modern appliances, rather than making your home look like it belongs in times gone by.

Add a Fireplace

In a living area, most people’s furniture and eyes gaze towards the television. This can be entertaining, sure, but it’s not all that charismatic. A better option for your living room is the tried and tested, bona fide lovely addition to any room, the fire. Take a look at wood heaters here, and you’ll be able to enjoy many a night curled up in the warm glow of a traditional fire. And aside from increasing the overall look of a home, it’s much more resourceful when it comes to providing heat, too.

Upcycle Furniture

Like we said earlier when we were discussing those small items that are bought from the big stores, it’s not always the best option to buy your furniture brand new from a large outlet. To add some character to your house, take a look at incorporating some second-hand, upcycled pieces to your property. This could be a chair, table, desk — anything, essentially, that you can find in flea markets and the like. This doesn’t just make your home look more interesting, it’s also economical: you can buy an inexpensive second-hand piece, paint it with chalk paint, and it won’t just look good — it’ll look better than most items you could buy new.

Works of Art

Finally, why not look at adding a work of art to your home? It’s an excellent way to add a unique spin on your property. Before buying, you’ll have to know what you’re looking for. It’s important to buy an original — this doesn’t have to be expensive — than to buy a copy. Take a look at some other rules for buying art for the house, too. If you get it right, you’ll find that it effortlessly adds much to your property.


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