16 month gap

16 month gap

So, for those who follow me on twitter, you might have spotted I posted this picture today…


This little monkey is due the day before my sons 16 month birthday. Some think we are mad to have a short gap, although I don’t think it’s that short. I will be hard, but twice the fun, right?

It’s funny how despite having done this already before, I was so much more nervous for the scan this time, I guess because I was naive last time, and never really accepted that I would be actually having a baby. I know what can go wrong this time, and how fragile life is and feel blessed that despite a shaky start, Daniel is a thriving little man, full of life and energy.

The scan today took an age. Daniel was very compliant at his dating scan, but this little one was wriggling around, flipping front back to front, front to back and seemed to be kicking itself off the side of my womb! It meant the sonographer couldn’t get the measurements she needed in order to date the pregnancy.

Already I find myself comparing to Daniel, who, at his 12 week scan, was very compliant! I’m sure this will only continue throughout the next 28 weeks.

Things seem to be progressing well. But I am taking it month by month. I hope I get the home birth I want this time, but have to be realistic that with what happened last time, the risk of things going awry rises, so just need to wait and see….just staying healthy and getting to term will be enough for me.

So… With that in mind, what do i need to be thinking about for preparing for life with two under two?


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