10 / 52

10 / 52

It’s been a strange week weather wise – rain, sun and everything in between! It’s been a busy week with friends this week, and I must admit I am craving some time at home to get back into the routine. It’s hard to find the balance sometimes, and the children and I are all a bit run down at the moment.

What I have read

This week I finished First Comes Love and started and finished You Sent Me A Letter by Lucy Dawson. This book was superb, although I was a little disappointed with the ending…. it did leave me feeling tense as the book progressed and was really good to read. I’ve not yet chosen my next book to read… I think it’ll be one I’m already part way through that I’ll try to finish now and resist picking up anything new from the library this week.

Total books read this month: 2

Total audiobooks this month: 1

Total books read this year: 5

Audiobooks listened to: 2

Where we have been

With the weather being as mixed as it has, we haven’t ventured too far. We had friends round Monday and Friday for various groups, and Tuesday we ventured out to make a start on the children’s spring projects. We did a first signs of spring hunt which they enjoyed and had a good walk and play whilst we were out too.

Harry has a bit of a cold, and Emma is a bit out of sorts so we kept it quiet over the weekend, and headed to a coffee shop for a walk and a hot chocolate today.


Miles Run

Running has been non-existent this week. I’ve felt really run down and out of sorts, coupled with a week’s worth of bad sleep – Emma waking me and I think I have a few things playing on my mind at the moment. I did make it to the gym for my usual classes and I have a few gym visits planned in this week. Our weekends look really busy this month, so I am not sure how much running I am going to manage! It’s still there for me to do, but I have other commitments at the moment, and simply can’t do everything all the time!

Miles Completed this week: 0

Miles completed this month: 0



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