Blogmas – Opening Christmas Gifts

Blogmas – Opening Christmas Gifts

Well I forgot to post my Blogmas post yesterday, which is no bad thing as day five was about favourite food which is a bit of a boring one for me as I don’t eat the usual Christmas stuff. In don’t like mince pies and I don’t eat turkey! Instead I will prompt five and move straight into number six.

So, Day six is about when to open gifts. I guess for us, the opening of gifts gets spread across the day. Christmas cards have already started arriving, but they won’t be opened until around the 18th. It’s my birthday this coming week so I like to have my cards up without being mixed in with Christmas cards. Presents are never opened before Christmas day, ever. I actually can’t recall opening a gift before the 25th. This year will be the first time that Daniel is engaged in the whole thing, and Emma too of course. Although she will only be 10 months so not quite into the actual opening of things.

Our rough plan at the moment is to go to 9am church service, so assuming Daniel and Emma wake at normal time we will have breakfast then open the gifts. We then will, most likely head to Damian’s parents to exchange gifts there, and then onto my parents, (although we haven’t actually been invited to any of these places as yet so if they’re reading this we have invited ourselves around 🙂 ). For the family we won’t see on the day itself I will drop off gifts before hand which I am sure will sit under the Christmas trees waiting to be opened.

I expect Damian and I will exchange our gifts to each other either first thing before the children get up, or once we are home again and the children are in bed. I am sure Daniel and Emma will open all their gifts on the 25th, although I expect it will be a while before everything gets looked at properly.

We don’t do any of the Christmas eve gift box traditions or the book advent calendar. I have started reading some of our Christmas books to Daniel and Emma and there are some really lovely ones out there, which is probably a blog post in itself. Our gift giving is saved for the big day.

Have you been taking part in Blogmas? If so leave me a comment below and I will head over to take a look.





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  1. 7th December 2014 / 06:38

    oops an oversight on our part not to provide the formal invite to you all on Christmas Day, so this is a first then (for me at least) to offer a formal invite to you via social media … not that you need a formal invite of course

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