Valentine Sensory Bin

valentines sensory bin

I’ll be honest and say that we don’t really go in for Valentine’s day in any big way here, but today at Football the theme was Valentine’s Day and the children are more aware of it, so I thought I would pick up a few things to set up a quick sensory bin for them.

this valentine sensory bin is perfect for little hands to get to work with

Whilst in Lidl this morning I spotted some heart shaped pasta, so grabbed a bag of that. I was the in home bargains and grabbed a few things from their valentines section. I’ve included some (affiliate) links below to similar items from Amazon to give you an idea of what I used.

I popped these into a plastic tub alongside some other bits I had found in the craft cupboard and set up alongside some jumbo tweezers and some little scooper type things for the children to explore. I also put out some pink cups and a sweet heart shaped ice cube tray too for them to play with.

valentines sensory bin

valentines sensory bin

I left the children to have a play and instantly they decided that they were going to transfer the pom-poms into the heart shaped tray –  a row for each colour. Miss E then set about filling the cups with pasta and buttons and petals – she is getting much better at using the scoops and tweezers.

Mr D then decided to head upstairs so I set up some dry spaghetti stood up in playdoh for Miss E to thread the pasta shapes onto. She enjoyed doing this and there was much conversation when the spaghetti snapped due to the weight of the pasta shapes learning on it – a little lesson for her which she put into practice on the second strand of spaghetti I had left out for her.

valentines sensory bin

The children both enjoyed this and there were plenty of textures to play around with as well as different sizes. I am going to leave it set up and over the weekend leave out the tuff spot for them to groups the various items into size. At our Spanish class we have been learning about big and small so I’ll add this in over the weekend.


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