Room on the Broom at Anglers Country Park

At the top of my ‘must visit’ list or some time now has been the Room on the Broom trail at Anglers Country Park in Wakefield. I have heard good things about it and was keen to visit with the children.

With the bank holiday, for once, bringing some good weather we set off across the Pennines to Wakefield.

anglers country park room on the broom trailWe parked up and I was pleased to see there were some well-maintained toilets and a small visitor centre. We had a quick snack and headed off on the walk around the lake.

anglers country park room on the broom trail

The country park is beautiful and I am sure it’s one we will revisit in the future. It’s nice and flat which makes it pushchair friendly. It was fairly busy when we went, a combination of reasonable weather and the bank holiday but once we were away from the start of the trail it didn’t feel busy.

We only stuck to the main walk along the Room on The Broom trail, but there are other areas that you can explore too. We walked along and the children spotted the various carvings and recalled parts of the story in the process. They had a lot of fun looking for the footsteps and carvings.

anglers country park room on the broom trail

Just under halfway round we found somewhere to sit and have a bite to eat (we had taken a picnic). It was lovely and calm to just sit and look out over the lake.  The walk around the lake is around two miles long which is quite a nice length and if you wish, there are activity packs available at the visitor centre. We didn’t get one but it seemed to have activities such as taking rubbings and looking for animal prints.

anglers country park room on the broom trail

We had a lovely couple of hours, finished off with having a (large!) ice cream on the grass outside the visitor centre. There were also lots of outdoor games set up – skipping ropes and tunnels to crawl through and swingball sets.  Mr D had great fun rolling down a hill and we had some races through the tunnels.

anglers country park room on the broom trail

All in all we had a really lovely day at Anglers Country Park and it’s a place we will most certainly revisit. Having done both the Stick Man and Gruffalo trails at Delamere Forest, I think the Room on the Broom one is much better. It is longer and it certainly held the children’s attention for much longer.

anglers country park room on the broom trail


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  1. Pat
    8th May 2017 / 08:57

    Looks like a great way to spend a couple of hours.

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