Pollora Woven Sling Review

I was fortunate enough to be gifted a lovely Pollora woven sling just before Mr H arrived.  I was sent the beautiful Boy or Girl Polka colourway and it is just beautiful.

The wrap is super soft and grips well, I was worried at first that it would be tough to wrap with as it feels thicker than the Amazonas sling I had been using. It also looks beautiful and I have had a lot of comments about this when I have been carrying Mr H in it. He is always very calm and restful in this sling and it has extra sleepy dust I think as he always falls asleep super quick when he is wrapped with this one.

Pollora woven sling review

This wrap is super supportive and I look forward to when I am wrapping Mr H onto my back – if I can master it – as I think this will be a super supportive wrap. It is also my ‘go-to’ on those inevitable days when he needs a cuddle to settle. Wrapping him makes him comfortable and secure and is guaranteed to see him sleep.

This wrap also had the honour of being worn for Mr H’s Baptism a week or so ago.  I wanted something that was smart and would also see him sleep throughout the family meal we went for after the service. It did the job and Mr H slept, allowing me to eat!

Pollora woven sling review - this is a great review for a woven wrap sling

The polka dot design is lovely and very subtle. The wrap is made of 100% cotton and the weave that is used allows Pollora to have some beautiful designs that are quite detailed. I love so many of their slings, but I am now lusting after this stunning sky blue version…. so Damian if you’re reading…. the link is here.

I am really enjoying using these woven wraps  and wish I had experimented with Mr D and Miss E more. Mr H feels super close and secure in this pollora woven sling and it is super comfy too for me to wear and run around in. It is one that I can see us using time and time again as we experiment with different styles of carry.










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  1. Helen
    12th August 2016 / 08:07

    We didn’t use a wrap with our daughter, but if we have any more children it’s something I want to look into more. I love the design of this one!

    Helen x


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