Northern Quarter, Manchester, Street Art

northern quarter manchester street art

I love Manchester – it’s my home city but I don’t venture into the city anywhere near enough with the children. Last week we had to cancel our usual plans as Mr H had a dose of hand, foot and mouth. On Friday, instead of our usual Spanish class we headed into the city centre. I wanted to take the children around the Northern Quarter to see some of the fabulous street art.

northern quarter manchester street art

We headed up around Urban Exchage first of all and came across a couple there. The children enjoyed spotting the pictures and were excited to see what else they could spot too. After spotting a couple around Urban Exchange we headed up towards Stevenson Square – the Outhouse Project is here and I knew this would be a great spot for the children to see some of the bee themed artwork.

northern quarter manchester street art

northern quarter manchester street art

We weren’t disapointed and the children took great delight in counting the number of bees they could see. We then continued up towards Swan Street as they wanted to see where my Spanish class takes place. I also knew that there were some rather impressive large scale art pieces here too so I wanted them to be able to see these. We went up and around Swan Buildings on Swan Street and came across some really impressive artwork before heading into Ancoats – an area that is rapidly taking shape due to what looks to be some heavy amounts of investment.

northern quarter manchester street art

We managed to spot a couple more works of art as we headed back into the centre to get a bite to eat – the large Bird on the ring road is a favourite of mine as is the Blue Tit – although you have to stand back to get a good view of this one.

northern quarter manchester street art

northern quarter manchester street art

I think the children enjoyed taking a look at the different paintings and I plan to do something with them at some stage in the autumn looking at the different styles used by the artists.

northern quarter manchester street art

I really do love Manchester and enjoy spotting the new and interesting art work – it can be easy sometimes to be concerned with getting from A – B but by looking up and around there is so much to see and explore.

northern quarter manchester street art



  1. Pat
    18th July 2017 / 23:59

    The artwork is fabulous. Well worth a visit.

  2. 19th July 2017 / 14:06

    I didn’t realise Manchester had this kind of street art – its beautiful. Such talented artists 🙂

    • 19th July 2017 / 21:39

      It really is – it is so worth having a look around

  3. 19th July 2017 / 21:52

    When I visited Manchester with my son for his university visit, I really enjoyed the street art. I hadn’t realised it was such a big thing in the city before then

  4. 20th July 2017 / 19:16

    I love the street art in Manchester. There are so many talented people out there that are trying to break out and I think its a great initiative of Manchester council to promote this type of art.
    (Hubby helping out)

  5. 22nd July 2017 / 17:12

    Oh wow, such beautiful street art which I didn’t even know Manchester offered. How very pretty

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