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I’m a big fan of open-ended toys – toys that allow the children to use their imaginations and toys that can be used in many different ways and Magformers are the latest addition to our toybox.

magformers are a great magnetic toy and perfect early construction for pre schoolers and able to create more complex structures for older children

I can’t quite recall where I first learnt about Magformers, I think it was on someones Instagram but I knew as soon as I spotted them that the children would love them. We were recently sent two magformers sets, the Magformers 63094 WOW set and the Magformers Inspire Set. The WOW set has 16 pieces and the Inspire set has 30 pieces.

Magformers are really simple but super effective magnetic shapes which you connect together to make a range of items. The WOW set contains two-wheeled pieces which means that you are able to make cars etc. The pieces we have are triangles and squares and using the booklet and mats included you can make a range of 3d shapes. There are other sets that have other shapes in as well and sets that make up ferris wheels.

I left the magformers out for Mr D and Miss E to explore and they spent a lot of time just stacking the triangles into a pile and the squares. They then spotted the mats that come with the WOW set and so asked me to help them make the shapes up. We made a range of these and I explained to the children how we laid the pieces out onto the mats then pulled them together into a 3D shape. These are a really good idea for exploring shape with children and the idea of how basic 3d objects are made using nets.

magformers reviews

Both the children very quickly worked out how to make cubes and pyramids themselves and were both so pleased to have been able to do this alone without my help. I was really impressed with how quickly they worked out how to do these. I find with some construction style toys like lego it’s just a little too fiddly for them at the moment to create anything but with these Magformers they can very quickly create cubes and pyramids and stack these to make houses and towers.

magformers reviews

Miss E in particular was really taken by these and she has spent ages playing with them, presenting me with various things she has made, often a robot or a space ship. More often than not she has just stuck all the shapes together in any which way but in her imagination she has created something and that’s what counts.

magformers reviews

The mats that come with the WOW set are really good as they give some examples of shapes to create. Some of them are a bit fiddly to do and Mr D and Miss E at four and 2.5 years old did struggle with some of the more complex models but with some help they were able to make a range of models. I was quite proud of this large ball I made!

magformers reviews

The magformers are a great toy to use to create structures and models and to encourage a child’s imagination and I can see they’re going to be a well played with toy. The combination of the WOW set and the 30 piece set has given us a lot of shapes to play with and the wheeled shapes and the piece with the boy character in mean that the children have lots of fun creating boats, rockets and other vehicles.




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  1. 16th November 2016 / 20:21

    I keep looking at these for the boys, they look great. I love the photo of E, she looks so engrossed!

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