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It’s really hard to think of ways to repay the people in your life who do so much for you, but when Jord Wood Watches got in touch to ask me if I’d like to receive a unique watch I knew straight away who to gift it to.

My mum has a real thing about watches, it’s one of the things I always recall from my childhood was my mum’s watches. There was a blue Mickey Mouse one – Mickey’s arms were the hands of the clock, there was also a very bright and colourful Swatch watch, a tazmanian devil one, an adidas one and many, many others.

Watches have also had a bit of a significance in recent years – when Miss E arrived my mum lost a watch soon after, she replaced it and within days of Mr H arriving she too lost that one. Both were unique watches that had meaning and sentiment. Whilst I can never replace the lost watches I can gift my mum this beautiful Jord Frankie watch in Koa & Ash.

unique watches from Jord Wood watches

When the watch arrived I was really impressed with the packaging; it comes in a beautiful sturdy box and already I knew my mum was going to love it.

unique watches from Jord Wood watches

There is a rich woody smell as you unpackage it and when I took the lid off, the watch itself is presented beautifully. I had a quick look at the watch and tried it on and was really impressed with how light it felt on my wrist. I don’t wear watches myself as they irritate me after a while but I was really impressed with this one and barely noticed it whilst I tried it out. It has a really easy clasp mechanism on it too which means it is super easy to fasten and unfasten on your own.

unique watches from Jord Wood watches

I was really excited to be able to gift this to my mum as she really does a lot for us – Damian and I would literally never have had an evening out together if it wasn’t for my mum babysitting for us and I know that when needed, she’ll happily take the children for me whilst I attend to medical appointments with one of them or whatever other bits and pieces come up. I had prepped Mr to D present my mum with the watch and she was really surprised with the unexpected gift and pretty impressed with it – suffice to say she hadn’t ever seen a wooden watch before and loved it. I think you can see from the pictures it was considered a pretty good gift.

unique watches from Jord Wood watches

As it is so unusual and unique you can’t help but run your fingers along it, it’s really soft and smooth and such an interesting material to make an item of jewellery from. It also makes a statement and my mum tells me it was a focus of conversation on a recent meal out with some friends. My mum has worn this now for a week and says she can’t believe how light it feels on her wrist and that it’s drawn a lot of comments when she’s been out and about.

unique watches from Jord Wood watches

Jord Wood Watches are made from sustainable woods and it is clear that there is a lot of research and work gone into these watches. The website contains information on each wood with information about shrinkage and weight among other things. The information that the watch comes with explains how to care for the watch to ensure it stays in good condition; it’s obvious things like not subjecting to extreme temperatures.

I am only slightly (OK VERY) envious of my mum’s new watch – it’s the perfect autumnal accessory as it has lovely rich earthy tones and is a lovely autumnal colour – perfect for this time of the year. They really are a unique gift and the perfect gift for my watch loving mum who gives her time to us so generously.

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  1. Pat Burns
    9th November 2016 / 09:22

    I absolutely love this watch. It’s so different to anything I’ve ever owed. I’ve only had it for a week and I’ve already had lots of positive comments about it. I’m very lucky. I have a very envious son.

  2. 9th November 2016 / 09:31

    and I must say Im impressed with it as well

  3. 16th November 2016 / 20:18

    The Jord watches are gorgeous, I love how unusual they are. What a lovely gift for your mum x

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