Interplay Pocket Microscope

Interplay pocket Microscope Review

A week or so ago the children were sent an Interplay Pocket Microscope to take a look at. The children are younger than the recommended age (age 6) but I thought it was worth taking a look at, and I think it’s useful to begin to talk about ideas and tools such as microscopes.

Interplay pocket Microscope Review

The microscope arrived and is boxed up along with four specimen pots, tweezers, labels and sample slides. Mr D was really excited to get this out and take a look. However with our seemingly never ending bout of sickness it was left on the side until I had the time and energy to look at it properly.

Interplay pocket Microscope Review

The microscope is very easy to set up – just needs two AA batteries to operate the light, I then had a quick look at one of the sample slides and was impressed with how clearly I could see the grass hopper wing. Mr D then took a look but he didn’t really understand what he was looking for so it was difficult to ascertain if he could see the wing or not. But that said he enjoyed looking through it and telling us about it.

Interplay pocket Microscope Review

We then had a chat about how the microscope is used to magnify and enlarge very small things and had a talk about the specimen pots and how we could take them out when we next went for a walk.

Later that day my parents came round and Mr D was very excited to show my Dad the microscope and they soon set off on a nature hunt around the garden to find things for the specimen pots. They added a feather, a leaf and some grass to the pots and have a good look at them through the microscope.

Interplay pocket Microscope Review

Mr D has had lots of fun with this already and I am sure as he gets older and understands how to operate it himself he will continue to hunt out things to view – today he had managed to squeeze a snail into one of the pots!

Interplay pocket Microscope Review

I think at £9.99 this is a great introduction for young children who have an interest in nature studies. It’s never too early to introduce different ideas and concepts to them and I know that Mr D will be collecting things on forthcoming walks which I am sure will form the basis of some of our learning over the summer. He has already had great fun with this and today spent a little time labeling up his specimen pots – unprompted. He decided to write a ‘1’ as there was one feather in the pot.


I was sent the pocket microscope in exchange for a review – all words and images and my own.



  1. Pat
    30th May 2016 / 21:07

    He was very excited to try it yesterday. I think it’s a winner.

  2. 31st May 2016 / 07:26

    its not bad actually for the money

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