City of Manchester 10K

City of Manchester 10K

I’ve written about how I have started running again, and over the past few weeks I am pretty pleased that I have managed to get out at least three times a week to run. I have noticed a difference in terms of my stamina and strength whilst out running and I am also less tired in the day with the children, which of course makes me less snappy and grumpy with them,

The thing I am REALLY enjoying as well is that I get to listen to some books. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy audio books as much as reading, but I am making my way through my second one now and it is superb. The narrator is excellent and I find myself wanting to get out running just to find out what happens next. It certainly helps to pass the time and ‘lose myself’ in the running.

I am now regularly managing a 5km run so the next obvious target is a 10km run. In order to spur myself on I have, today, signed up to take part in the City of Manchester 10K. It takes place in July so plenty of time to get ready for it.

I have run this one before and really enjoyed it, so am hoping that I will enjoy it again in a few months time.

I need to sort out some running trousers/leggings. At the moment I am wearing some thick jogging bottoms which keep me warm. I am hoping Aldi do another running special buys week soon as I have picked up a couple of their tops recently and they’re great.

In a bid to vary the activities I am doing I am trying to do more walking, and today did a few miles carrying Daniel in the tula carrier on my back, which is no mean feat given he is 27 months old and weighs a fair bit! I’ve also been swimming this evening too, an activity I really do enjoy a lot.

So…. bets are on for my finish time in the 10km. My fastest ever is about 55mins, but I am just hoping for around the 65 mins mark this time.



  1. 4th February 2015 / 10:32

    Good for you signing up for the run, I’m sure you’ll do great #bloggingtojogging

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